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Release Notes | GoodSync

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  • On File Change / On Folder Connect: fix job not starting upon disk reinsertion.
  • Selected Jobs + Analyze And Sync: run selected jobs sequentially, like in ver 9.
  • S3: For large files, check for HTTP ranges before doing multi-part download.
  • Job List: Case-insensitive ordering of text colums.
  • Program Options: Move several options from General to the new Auto tab.
  • Account Manager: Properly implement separation of Plain and Secure accounts.
  • Account Manager: Fix not all Advanced option changes become effective on Go.
  • GUI: fixed some resource and memory leaks.
  • gsync /runner-service: Set Effective proxy in Runner Service, using Prog Options.
  • OAuth2 dialog: improve interaction with Account Manager, ask user less.
  • OneDrive: fixed error Access denied for connectoids with wrong saved endpoint.
  • Update UA and Korean translations.
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