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Release Notes

OptimFROG 5.100
OFR + OFS + OFF version 5.100 and SDK version 1.600 [2016-09-02]:
  • add --preset 0 to --preset 10 command-line options for the most efficient compression presets, backward compatible with v4.600
  • add more efficient versions of the highnew, extranew, bestnew, and ultranew modes, named highnew-light, extranew-light, bestnew-light, and ultranew-light, backward compatible with v4.520
  • add turbonew, fastnew, and normalnew efficient compression modes to complement the extra mode, backward compatible with v4.520
  • add the --aca and --acm aliases and the negated form --no-aca
  • add the minDecoderVersion optional field to the main block, which has the minimum decoder version required to decode the file
  • a value of 1000 and 2000 can be added to any preset level in order to enable --acm and --optimize best, respectively
  • add --preset max to replace --maximumcompression --experimental
  • show for each preset its complexity and compression gain, relative to preset 0, and equivalent options in the command-line help
  • speed increase of around 10% for all *new modes, such as highnew, extranew, and bestnew, by improved SSE optimizations
  • speed increase of around 10% for all non *new modes, such as fast, normal, and high, by newly added SSE2 optimizations
  • generate txz files instead of tar.gz for FreeBSD release packages
  • small documentation additions, updates, and information about the newly added modes and the minDecoderVersion optional field
  • many internal small code improvements and updates
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