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Release Notes

SIV (System Information Viewer) 5.12
  • Added support for Windows 10 RS2 V10.00 Build 14901. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
  • Improved NVMe Disk SMART reporting on Windows 10 systems and added Intel NVMe (IaNVMe service) support.
  • Added ASUS Gryphon Z87 + Gryphon Z97 + MSI MS-7885 motherboard support. Improved ASUS Z97 support.
  • Added VIA Eden X4 + QuadCore (Isaiah II, CNR) support.
  • Resolved issue with the SIV Tray Icon sometimes being missing when auto-run is used and after a shell restart.
  • Added Topmost support to LCD panels.
  • Added a hold-off delay before CoolIT (CL Mini, H110i, etc.) controlled fans will slow down and [Link Setup] to set this delay.
  • Allow for CL using Global\CorsairLinkReadWriteGuardMutex rather than Global\Access_CorsairLink.
  • Corrected reporting of CreateFile() failures and improved reading of H115i + H100iV2 + H80iV2 cooler information.
  • Added initial AMD Zen support and corrected AMD Bulldozer to report as cores (modules) that have two logical processors (integer cores).
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