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Release Notes

Core Temp 1.0 RC9
- New: Added support for AMD Kabini, Mullins, Carrizo, Kaveri and Godavari APUs.
- New: Added support for Haswell-EP CPUs.

- Fix: Update notification popup now identifies it as being Core Temp.
- Fix: Core Temp crash on update check.
- Fix: Core Temp window invisible due to being out of desktop bounds.
- Fix: Haswell Crystal Well frequency and TDP were missing.
- Fix: AMD Kaveri/Godavari CPUs were stuck at 16C/61F.
- Fix: Incorrect VID reported for newer AMD FX processors.
- Fix: AMD Trinity temperature was reported too high.
- Fix: When 'Display distance to TjMax' option is enabled, no indication string appears on AMD CPUs.
- Tip: Enabling the option above will result in the same temperature readings as in AMD Overdrive.

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