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Release Notes

PeaZip 6.0.2
  • Release 6.0.2 updates 7z backend to 16.00 version, to fix some vulnerabilities of 7z 15.x on Windows platform. As those vulnerabilities are currently not known to apply to p7zip POSIX port on Unix-like platforms, last Linux release is still 6.0.1.
  • PEA file format specifications were updated to 1.1 version, introducing support for SHA3 hash (256 and 512 bit), and Twofish and Serpent EAX mode (128 and 256 bit) authenticated encryption. SHA3 is now also available as hash function in file browser.
  • The application is now full Unicode compliant, extraction (and test) procedure accepts directories as input, with single archives being listed before operation starts so selection can be verified and fine-tuned if needed, and many other improvements were introduced to improve the ease of use.
  • A total of 188 file extensions can now be managed by PeaZip.
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