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Release Notes | JPEGview 1.0.34

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JPEGview 1.0.34
Bugs fixed:
  • Window frame remains visible when starting in full screen mode and using classic windows style
  • Fit to screen is kept with 'Keep parameters' when zoom is required in full screen mode
  • Removing image from read-ahead cache when it was destructively processed so that it gets reloaded next time it is accessed New features:
  • Printing: Fill with crop mode and ability to move the image with the mouse within the printeable area
  • JPEG comment segment is taken over from existing JPEG when saving to new JPEG
  • Showing some meta data for camera RAW images with F2
  • Considering image orientation from camera RAW images
  • Japanese translation, thanks to Hiroyuki Matenokoji
  • Polish translation, thanks to Damian
  • New INI file settings:
  • SingleFullScreenInstance=true/false Allows multiple instances of JPEGView to run in full screen mode
  • UserCropAspectRatio=x y Sets the user crop aspect ratio, x and y are integers
  • TransparencyColor=R G B Color used for transparent parts of images
  • ShowEXIFDateInTitle=true/false Show/Hide the acquisition date from EXIF data in the window title
  • WallpaperPath=path Set path to store desktop wallpaper image
  • AutoZoomModeFullscreen Set auto zoom mode for fullscreen mode differently than auto zoom mode for windowed mode
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