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Release Notes

Windows Firewall Control
  • New: Added a new button in the Rules Panel for columns configuration. When this button is clicked, it opens the same context menu as the right menu click from the data grid header.
  • New: Added alternative ways to specify the color of the user interface in the Options tab, by using RGB values or by specifying the hex color.
  • New: Invalid rules are automatically detected When opening the Rules Panel. They are displayed with red color and have a specific tooltip. Also, the color for temporary rules was changed to blue.
  • New: Added a new warning message before opening for editing an inbound rule with EdgeTraversal set to 'Defer to user'. Editing of this kind of rule is not fully supported.
  • New: Added the possibility to import, export or reset user settings. The new options were added under the Options tab in Main Panel.
  • Improved: The text from several text boxes from Main Panel will be automatically selected when the controls will be focused to make it easier to quick update them.
  • Improved: The URL services were moved from the Options tab to the Tools tab.
  • Fixed: The default advanced notification settings are not the same when you make a clean installation and when you reset them to the default values.
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