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Release Notes

FreeFileSync 6.11
  • Updated Recycle Bin access for Windows 10
  • New command line option "-edit" to load configuration without executing
  • Case-insensitive command line argument evaluation
  • New Explorer context menu options for ffs_gui, ffs_batch files
  • Added sync variant to folder pair info in log file
  • Don't process and log folder pair if nothing to do except writing DB file
  • Fixed liblzma.5.dylib not found during startup (OS X 10.8)
  • Added version info to application bundles (OS X)
  • Fixed incorrect warning when configuration contains empty folder pairs
  • Replaced misleading inotify error message "No space left on device" (Linux)
  • Fixed FreeFileSync launcher blocking app folder move (OS X)
  • Updated default main dialog layout
  • Fixed async error evaluation when creating volume shadow copies
  • Keep user interface responsive while creating a volume shadow copy
  • Fixed error when starting asynchronously from a batch script
  • Show progress of writing log files
  • Fixed updated file being left deleted when copying permission failed
  • New Project website:
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