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Release Notes

PeaZip 5.4.0
ZPAQ backend updated to 6.54

New UI design
Tabs replaced by new option menu button on the bottom left corner of the form on Add, Extract, Password, Password Manager, and PeaLauncher
Tabs replaced by new side tab bar for unified Settings/Theme screen
Improved archive manager tool bar, with visible dropdown menus for quick access to archiving and test functions
Improved and simplified various menus
New navigation (bookmarks, filesystem, history, and functions) menu set as primary address bar's navigation menu
New "functions" menu mode, providing quick launcher for most used functions and A-Z functions list submenu, replaces functions button
Improved breadcrumb menu, set as secondary navigation menu (alternate navigation menu, navigation bar context menu...) replacing older menus
Improved "Open" branch in navigation bar merging Functions and Application groups
Added "most used", "last visited" and "date added" information stats to bookmarks, can be used for sorting bookmarks
Unified "Save history data" (Options > Settings) checkbox controls saving list of last accessed archives, paths, searches, and bookmarks/history stats
Updated pre-set web search and cloud services
Yandex Disk and Sharepoint are now added by default to known cloud paths
Various minor fixes and improvements

Implemented flags to remove 1) original archive(s) after extraction 2) original files after archival
Always asks for confirmation during interactive tasks
Can be saved/scheduled to scripts
Apply (and remember) favorite deletion mode: recycle bin, quick delete, zeroing, secure delete
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