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Release Notes

Windows Firewall Control
  • New: The program icons were changed with more appropriate new icons.
  • New: When the program is in locked state, a different icon will be displayed in the system tray to inform the user about the active locked state.
  • New: The installer can detect if a 3rd party firewall is installed and will inform the user about this at installation time.
  • New: A new submenu was added in the context menu of Manage Rules window which can be used to import/export/restore firewall rules. These are the same actions possible from the Rules tab in Main Panel.
  • New: From the notification dialog, the user can now click on the Source address to display additional info about the local port that is used. The default browser will open and will display the corresponding page from the Port Authority Database from
  • Improved: The text with "Customize this rule..." from the notification dialog will change now when the rule is in editing mode.
  • Fixed: Rules Panel context menu item from the system tray icon remains disabled after the user unlocks the program.
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