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Release Notes

DivX for Windows 10.1.0
What's New:
DivX HEVC Ultra HD 4K profile support.
Player, DWP support HEVC real time video decoding up to 4K
Converter has new DivX HEVC UHD 4K preset for encoding up to 4K
Converter accepts AviSynth (.avs) files as input
Converter added "Encoding Modes" for HEVC profiles to balance quality vs speed tradeoffs
Converter added ability to toggle WPP on/off for HEVC profiles
Converter can "change" output folder for each individual video now
Player added Subtitle and Audio icons to playback bar for quick access
Player added time indicator tooltip when hovering over progress bar
DMS added "Stream To" DLNA Controller functionality for devices such as Xbox
DMS settings now easily accessible in Windows Task bar
DWP added experimental DivX Adaptive Streaming (.smil) for HEVC files up to 9 levels
DWP added Download icon for quick "save as" access
Official support for Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks and Windows 8.1
Player, Web Player support HEVC real time video decoding up to 1080p

Converter moved Changing of Output Folders to the main window
Converter removed minimum bitrate requirement (all profiles)
Converter updated bitrate algorithm for HEVC profiles to target compatibility with older desktops
Converter doesn't update needed output file size
Various MKV and AVI fixes for Converter, Player, Web Player support of common internet files
Some Russian translations in Converter
DMS doesn't add folders with the same name at the beginning of name
Player Missing File Error when using Tools > Burn without loading a video first
Player Looping of playback of sequential files through a playlist

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