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Release Notes

Windows Firewall Control
  • New: The main window was redesigned from scratch to be more user friendly and intuitive. Now this view can be resized and has a better support for translated strings. All features were reorganized.
  • New: Multiple instances of the notification dialog were removed. Instead, when a new notification is generated while an existing one is already displayed on the screen, it will be added to the existing dialog and the user can navigate through all of them very easy.
  • New: All icons were redesigned from scratch and the entire visual identity of the program was updated.
  • New: A custom installer was created. The file wfc.exe is not the installer anymore. Also, a new updater and a new uninstaller were created. The new uninstaller can be now translated as well.
  • New: Added support for defining subnet masks when setting the remote addresses for a rule. For example, you can now define as remote addresses:
  • New: The notification timeout can be now set by the user from 0 up to 999 seconds.
  • New: Better integration in all views and dialogs with long translation strings.
  • New: A lot of new messages were added in the interaction with the user to improve the usability of the program and the understanding of it.
  • Updated: The translation file can have any name now. The program will auto search for *.lng files in the program folder and will load the first *.lng file found.
  • Fixed: Profile is not syncronized in the Control Panel window if it is opened and the user changes the profile from the system tray context menu.
  • Fixed: The notifications are not displayed on screen if the user is logged to the computer via Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Fixed: Columns order is not restored on reopening of Manage Rules window.
  • Fixed: Rules from Temporary Rules group are automatically deleted on service restart instead of the program restart.
  • And many more...
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