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Release Notes

RegSeeker 2.00b
  • New : Include Windows Vista / 7 support (UAC compliant).
  • New : Great option to filter the results (just enter your text near the magnify icon) ! You can now easily select all entries matching your filter for deletion !!
  • New : Option Check for invalid service removed, replaced by 2 new entries : Drivers and Service (except Microsoft ones). Drivers/Services listed in Blue : no information available on file, user needs to check if valid. Drivers/Service listed in red : missing file for Driver/Service, eg. Invalid.
  • New : User customizable list to clean Temporary files !
  • New : User customizable Open Files/Recent File list per application (See file : RecentFiles.txt)
  • Improved : scan speed improved under Vista
  • Improved : Add/Remove and Invalid application list
  • Improved : Recent Open file / Old Start Menu list
  • Improved : Speed and Safety for Registry cleaner results
  • Other : You can now stop the scan by hitting the ESC key.
  • Removed : Printing function
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