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Release Notes

Windows Firewall Control
- New: Learning Mode has now 4 modes.
-> High - Corresponds to the old Learning Mode enabled + notifications for System and Svchost.exe.
-> Medium - Corresponds to the old Learning Mode enabled
-> Low - This is a new one. Digitally signed applications are allowed silently and notifications are displayed only for unsigned applications.
-> Disabled - all notifications are disabled
- New: Main window can be closed with ESC key.
- Fixed: Duplicate notifications can appear when Learning Mode is enabled and PeerBlock or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware are used.
- Updated: On application exit, the the window position and state is saved for Manage Rules window and restored at restart.
- Updated: Default size of Manage Rules window was reduced to display properly on lower resolutions. Now, the default size is 600x600. After resizing, the new size will be remembered.
- Updated: Manage Rules window is displayed again in the taskbar when it is opened.

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