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Release Notes | VSA100 Overclocker 1.00

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VSA100 Overclocker 1.00
April 3, 2004

Hardware: Voodoo4 4500, Voodoo5 5500, Voodoo5 6000
Platform: Windows 9x/NT4/2k/XP

Currently both V.Control (my bad! :P) and VooDoo5 Overclocker set the 
frequency only on the first VSA100. So if you are trying to overclock, 
the card will still run rest of the chips at factory settings and you 
will see only a marginal improvement in speed since the card will run 
as fast as it's slowest VSA100.

This tool will overclock *all* VSA100 chips on the card. The frequency 
is set on-the-fly so no reboots are required. The chips will return 
to factory settings when the PC is rebooted.

First install V.Control and copy files, VSA100_OC.exe.manifest, VSA100
_OC.exe, and VSA100_OC.dll to the directory of V.Control. 

ex) C:\Program Files\KSmoky\V_Ctrl

Unload V.Control from the system tray.

Run VSA100_OC.exe.

The rest should be self-explanatory.

Note: VSA100 Overclocker and V.Control cannot be run at the same time.

If you have questions come visit the english forums at
V.Control is hosted at


Hiroshi Morii (KoolSmoky)
koolsmoky 'at' 3dfxzone 'dot' it

V.Control and VooDoo5 Overclocker set the frequency only on the first VSA100

Please beware that you cannot run the VSA100 OC tool and V.Control at the same time

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