Call of Duty with Voodoo 2

Started by Suliro, 05 April 2005, 20:08:22

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We've discussed about it, but we couldn't get on well. Also can I play with CoD on my Voodoo 2 SLI? If it is possible, how can I use it?
Pls answer my question as fast as it's possible

PS: Sry for my english.
Sry for my English...


redirection... go here:

SaLuDoS :D


oooops [:I].... the link is changed...


the correct link:

to answer your question-yes,it will be possible to play COD on a voodoo2 SLI (or voodoo3) will need mesafx with a special opengl addon called will have to be patient,it is not yet available for the public.but seeing this picture

I would say the first public release is coming soon..


Thank you for the fast answers. :)
I've got another question. I've just bought a 2 Voodoo 2s, it's coming on the post :) How can I connect the cards? I know, that there's a cabel outside the case, and another inside the case. Which Voodoo 2 shall I link with my S3 Virge?
Sry for my English...


Thats easy, just try...
If you get no picture, then connect your monitor to the other V2...


And you can read also this page ;)

In-ter-ac-tive :
The way video games were always meant to be played

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Wow, that's what I's lookin for. Thx! :)

OFF: different nations, but very helpful... :)
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I've got a new problem...
Which driver shall I use with V2 SLI? It won't with FastVoodoo2 4.0 in SLI mode, just in single. I use an S3 Virge as 2D card.
Sry for my English...