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 What's new and release notes  ShareX 13.6.1 
  Release Notes   ShareX 13.6.1

  • ShareX is now using .NET Framework 4.8 which will be automatically downloaded if it is not available on the system
  • Updated Inno Setup to 6.2.0 which has modernized graphics
  • Updated Inno Setup Dependency Installer script which is now using the new built in Inno Setup downloader to download .NET Framework
  • Added "Glow" image effect, which allows you to make a gradient outer glow around your screenshots*
  • Removed social buttons toolbar and news button from the main window
  • Added Twitter button which will replace our previous news panel, please make sure to follow our Twitter account if you would like to receive ShareX related news or tips
  • Added Discord button, you can join our Discord server to get support from the community
  • Added "Menu font" theme option, and changed default font size of menu and context menus to 9.75 pt
  • Added Bing visual search button to the main window context menu and also as a URL sharing service destination, this works as both an image search and a great OCR service
  • Added quick image combine buttons to main window context menu*
    • You must select multiple images from main window by holding Ctrl or Shift and then selecting multiple thumbnails to be able to see these buttons in right click context menu
  • When a screenshot is taken, the window title and process name of the active window is stored in history as meta tag
    • This will greatly improve searching screenshots in the ShareX history window. For example if you take a screenshot from the Spotify window then you can either search "spotify" (process name) or specific artist name or song name (window title) which are stored in a meta tag. If you take screenshots on your browser, you can search the website you took it on (since the website name is generally in the Window Title)
  • Added an option to adjust JPEG quality automatically to fit best quality under target file size (Task settings -> Image)
  • Reorganized tools menu to group similar tools together with separators between them
  • Tweet message moved to upload menu from tools menu
  • Improved the "First time upload" dialog to save people from unintentional uploads: added big "Attention" text with red background and locked the "Yes" button for 5 seconds
  • Improved error message of custom uploaders to include more specific error messages with the host name included
  • Added multi line support to custom uploader argument value fields
  • Allow empty multipart/form-data value in custom uploader
  • Added copy URL buttons to response window
  • Added simple search bar to history window which lets you search by file name, window title and process name; you can also use wildcard characters while searching
  • Image history window search bar also supports searching meta tags now
  • Added advanced search button to the history window toolbar which toggles panel with more filtering options
  • The Image Preview now fills the right side, since the filtering options have been moved to advanced search
  • Added "Copy stats to clipboard" button to the history window toolbar
  • Added "Toggle more info" button to the history window toolbar, which toggles panel at bottom right to show more info about selected history entry such as tags
  • Added hotkeys to history window context menu entries:
    • Enter Open URL or file
    • Ctrl + Enter Open file
    • Shift + Enter Open folder
    • Ctrl + C Copy URL
    • Shift + C Copy file
    • Alt + C Copy image
    • Ctrl + Shift + C Copy file path
    • Ctrl + U Upload file
    • Ctrl + E Edit image
  • Added history settings window, which currently contains:
  • Maximum item limit (allows loading history window faster)
  • Remember search input
  • Remember window state
  • If dev mode is enabled then pressing Ctrl + F5 while in the history window loads fake history data
  • If dev mode is enabled then main window title, tray icon text and about window will show full version info with build type and admin privilege status, for example: ShareX 13.6.0 Dev (Debug, Admin)
  • Removed file uploader because it is no longer in service
  • "Delete file locally" after capture task now also works for file uploads if "Task settings -> Advanced -> UseAfterCaptureTasksDuringFileUpload" option is enabled


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