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 Release notes  Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Demo v. 1.04 
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  Release Notes   Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Demo v. 1.04

1.04 is not net-game compatible with older versions. everyone need to upgrade - both servers and clients save games and demos are retained from older versions to 1.04

NOTE: Installing this patch will reset your video, audio, network and game settings. This is needed to reapply new fixed settings for some configurations. Player settings, demos, save games and any scripts that you wrote will remain. (I.e., PersistentSymbols.ini is reset to all defaults.).

+ rewritten the in-game server browser to hold more info and have better formatting
+ added sorting and filtering of server list by any column
+ added VIP reserved player slots on server - configured using net_strVIPPassword and net_iVIPReserve
+ advanced configuration for max number of players, clients, and observers
+ added observer password
+ bend-over deathmatch cheat is no longer possible
+ crouch-jumping deathmatch cheat is no longer possible
+ after switching to different mod when joining a network game, you are not asked for player and settings once again
+ added chat message notification sound
+ added simple and configurable batch command scripts
+ new UDP-only RCon protocol and accompanying RCon program
+ added ListPlayers() and KickByName() console commands
+ added Restart() and NextMap() commands for DedicatedServer
+ reporting only public slots to server browser, without VIP slots
+ enabled client side demo recording
+ added banning by ip and/or playername
+ added net_bReportICMPErrors for not reporting WSAECONNRESET
+ added +quickjoin option for not asking about players and netsettings when connecting with +connect from the command line
+ menu colors and appearance can now be customized from a mod
+ script gfx-advanced... had wrong 'applyrendering.ini' invocation
+ connecting from within SeriousSam browser to server with different port didn't work
+ model overbrighting is now supported on cards that support GL_TEXENV_COMBINE extension - disabled by default
+ added transparent polygons on world (transparency doesn't have sorting problems like translucency)
+ added +server command line option
+ disabled frontclipping cheat
+ strafe FB
+ fixed problems with smooth sound change
+ scripts for custom shortcuts in SeriousEditor were missing in the installation
+ added numeric, align and filter dialogs for vertices
+ fixed crashing when changing view cfg during test game in SED
+ auto create mip models created invalid mappings for lower mips
+ SelectByTextureIn World/Sector wasn't selecting pretenders
+ fixed forcefield maxvelocity bug
+ fixed crouching under a touchfield
+ manual triangulation crashed in some occasions
+ removed stretch limit of 100
+ polygons with vertices that already have coordinates as merge target vertex don't have to be triangularized
+ added ATI Truform support when rendering models
+ ability to remove some particles from rendering (if shadow is black)
+ fixed some problems with demo recording
+ shadow map size info didn't count for invisible polygons and non translucent portals
+ added geometry exporting to .raw format from SEd
+ default polygon properties popup menu was wrong
+ added ability to import and insert object or list of objects with auto CSG applying
+ when a file is missing during dependency extraction, the file that referenced it is now reported
+ Shift+Fn shortcut scripts didn't work
+ ability to swap texture layers
+ exporting mark for equilized textures on stock dump
+ polygon filter for angles and coordinates
+ added CModelObject::StretchModelRelative()
+ added dynamically customizable model collision boxes per entity
+ max velocity clamping for gravity and force fields didn't work
+ keeping track of build version that created the demo currently played.
+ GetTimeStamp() didn't close the file.
+ added auto updating of displace map (on terrain primitive)
+ ptr for visibility sector flags wasn't initialized
+ added visibility tweaks flags per sector and per worldbase entity (classification and visibility include/exclude)
+ fixed crashing when joining layers
+ fixed problem with naming the last property
+ hiding/showing of sectors only in sector mode
+ added another csg type check for second layer null
+ re-enabled polygon joining
+ fixed not removing unused textures from pretender portals
+ added ability to paste as projected for all three texture layers
+ added important entity interface for entity browser
+ fixed unknown texture animation key-word
+ added transformation matrix for importing 3d objects.
+ added link tree browser
+ added update brush command
+ added show entity names option


 Size: 110.76MB State: Not archivedRelease Announcement

 FileType: UtilitiesBrowse By ListBrowse By Category

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