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 3dfx Channel   3dfx Technology Demos   Page 2 

Page 2 of the complete historical collection of all technology demos created and published by 3dfx in order to show off capabilities of its video cards when run software able to use fully their features at hardware level. At last but not least, these demos absolutely require only genuine 3dfx hardware to run.

 Donut for Windows
Donut for WindowsDonut (1.5Mb) non è solo una dimostrazione dell' Enviromental Bump Mapping ma anche utile misuratore del numero di frames per unità di tempo -fps- a cui avviene la sua elaborazione. Premendo il tasto F12 avrete accesso all'Help Menu del programma.
Donut is not only a superb real-time demo of Bump Mapping and Environment Mapping for a wide range of 3dfx graphics cards - starting from the Voodoo2 and including the Voodoo3, Voodoo4, and Voodoo5 - but also a reliable meter of frame rate. In fact this technology demo shows off the current value of fps and can be widely customized opening the help menu with the F12 key. The size of this demo is about 1.5MB.Donut for Windows

 Grand Bleu
Grand BleuGrand Bleu, anche indicata come Flipper, ti porta sott'acqua con delfini, squali, tartarughe e pesci. Questa demo evidenzia l'uso delle moltiplicazioni delle trame (in un passaggio su schede con due TMU e in due passaggi su schede con una TMU) per le riflessioni sull'intera scena (terreno e oggetti). Grand Bleu richiede il kit Arcade Tool Box (ATB) Runtime Drivers come prerequisito per funzionare con una vasta gamma di schede 3dfx (dalla Voodoo1 alla Voodoo5), mentre la sua dimensione è pari a circa 12.6MB.
Grand Bleu, dubbed also as Flipper, brings you underwater with Dolphins, sharks, turtles, and fishes. This demo aims to demonstrates the use of textures multiplications (in one pass on 2TMUS boards, and 2 passes on 1TMU boards) to render water-reflections effects on the entire scene (terrain and objects). Grand Bleu requires Arcade Tool Box (ATB) Runtime Drivers as prerequisite to run with a wide range of 3dfx cards (from Voodoo1 to Voodoo5), while its size is about 12.6MB.Grand Bleu

HalloweenLa demo, non ufficiale, utilizza le librerie OpenGL.
Unofficial application, based on graphics libraries OpenGL, that can be defined as a technology demo because it's able to run on 3dfx hardware. So it shows off 3dfx cards performances with a basic OpenGL app. Size of this demo is about 186KB.Halloween

KittyHawkQuesta demo (1.8Mb) mette in risalto le qualità del Voodoo5 con un uso intenso dell'antialiasing hardware e del T-Buffer.
This technology demo highlights the 3dfx Voodoo5 graphics cards qualities. It is making an intensive usage of both anti-aliasing and T-Buffer features. The size of this demo is 1.8MB.KittyHawk

MuseumLa qualità di immagine è senz'altro il pezzo forte di questa demo (11.5Mb) in cui effetti di riflessione ed antialiasing a pieno schermo (FSAA) faranno felici i possessori di Voodoo5.
Excellent graphics quality is surely the strength of this technology demo. This one brings out goodies as Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) and reflections that make 3dfx Voodoo5 video cards owners and/or fans happy. Size of this demo is about 11.5MB.Museum

NatureDemo non ufficiale (2.88Mb) sviluppata ai tempi dell' accelleratore grafico 3dfx Voodoo2 ed implementata con l' ausilio delle librerie GLide.
Unofficial technology demo developed for the 3dfx Voodoo2 graphics accelerator. The size of this demo, that is based on Glide graphics libraries, is about 2.88MB.Nature

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