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 26.03.2009   SPARKLE lancia la GeForce X250/X250G overclocked by factory

Mediante il comunicato stampa allegato di seguito, SPARKLE Computer ha lanciato la scheda grafica siglata Calibre X250 512MB (nel caso in cui sia equipaggiata con 512MB di G-DDR3) e Calibre X250G (nel caso in cui la memoria locale sia pari a 1GB). In accordo alla denominazione, si tratta di una video card basata sul chip grafico GeForce GTS 250, prodotto da TSMC con un processo tecnologico a 55nm.

La nuova GeForce di Sparkle può vantare la dotazione di un cooler personalizzato, il Calibre Dual Fly Fan, basato su una struttura in rame arricchita da heat-pipe, alla quale sono collegate due ventole. Il cooler, inoltre, è disposto in maniera tale da dissipare non soltanto il calore prodotto dalla gpu ma anche quello proveniente dalle alette applicate ai chip di RAM e ai VRM dello stadio di alimentazione.

Forte della efficienza del sistema di raffreddamento, Sparkle ha overcloccato il processore grafico e i chip di G-DDR3, forzandoli ad operare rispettivamente alle frequenze di 761MHz e 1911MHz, contro i valori di 738MHz e 1836MHz previsti dal design reference.

Altra feature rilevante di questa card è la dotazione del software di controllo SPA Tune OC, che permette di variare al volo la modalità operativa della scheda tra Overclocking mode (OC), Standard mode (STD) e Green mode (GRN). A ciascuna di tali modalità il produttore ha associato una prefissata configurazione del clock del core, delle unità shader, della RAM e del regime di rotazione delle ventole.

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today announced the Calibre X250 512MB/X250G 1GB GDDR3 Graphics Card with Calibre Dual Fly Fan and SPA Tune OC software, extending the DirectX 10 gaming performance of GeForce GTS 250 GPU to a new level, bringing vivid DX10 gaming graphics on a mainstream consumer computing platform.

Calibre X250/X250G Graphics Card features a 55nm chip process from TSMC. So It has groundbreaking speeds compared with ordinary GeForce GTS 250 graphics cards on market, the core speed is raised from 738MHz to 761MHz, the shader clock is raised from 1836MHz to 1911MHz, making it can deliver unrivaled graphics performance in the hottest games including Far Cry 2, Mirror’s Edge, and Call of Duty 5: World at War. The Calibre X250/X250G Graphics Card adopts Calibre non-reference PCB design, providing enhanced power circuitry with more phases of vGPU power circuit and vMem circuit. Also it only uses solid capacitors with lower power loss, providing more stable and longer product lifespan.

1GB Extreme Fast Large-capacity GDDR3 memory
Today‘s game, such as Crysis, Alone in the Dark 5, Stalker: clear sky, they normally use a large number of bump texture, transparent texture to describe faces of characters and render realistic gaming scenes, so these games put higher demands on the capacities of video memory. The current situation demands at least 512 MB video memory to run these games. Compared with ordinary GeForce GTS 250 graphics cards on market, Calibre X250G 1GB GDDR3 Graphics Card comes with incredible large 1GB GDDR3 video memory can let mainstream users to pass the 3DMark Vantage High Test which strictly demand at least 512MB video memory, providing much more detail information to mainstream users for better understanding its graphics capability.

Extreme Cooling with Calibre Dual Fly Fan System
The Calibre X250/X250G Graphics Card features Calibre Dual Fly Fan System - an ultimate graphics cards cooling solution for users who seek higher graphics performance and lower working temperatures. The cooling system consists of Pure Copper die-casting thermal base.die-casting thermal base, high-efficient heat pipes and dual cooling fans with 0.2 mm thin cooling fins. With improved wind pressure and airflow, it can get the most heat exchange area in a limited space, guarantee a highly efficient cooling effect. Besides, the cooling fans of the Calibre Fly Cooling System can be adjusted aslant 15 degree, so not only MOS circuit on the PCB can be cooled efficiently, the memory and CPU cooling efficiency can be raised too.

Convenient SPA Tune OC software
The Calibre X250/X250G Graphics Card is bundled with convenient SPA Tune, an own designed software, effectively balancing the computing power and power consumption. It provides three mode transition buttons for Overclocking mode (OC), standard mode (STD) and green mode (GRN). The OC mode provides high speed, best performance and more power consumption. The STD mode brings standard performance and lesser power consumption. The GRN mode provides the energy saving and green power consumption. Every mode sets up one team specification contains: Core Clock (MHz), Memory Clock (MHz), Shader Clock (MHz), GPU Temperature and Fan Speed.

NVIDIA 3D Stereo Support
The Calibre X250/X250G Graphics Card supports GeForce Stereoscopic 3D Technology from NVIDIA, which is market complete hardware and software kit for gamers built by NVIDIA for the 3D stereoscopic gaming market. It will immerse gamers in the world of 3D content like never before. Monsters, bullets, and landscapes jump out of gamers' flat monitors and into their imagination, making them part of the game. With NVIDIA GeForce Stereoscopic 3D driver technology, gaming will never be the same. Now with support for Microsoft Windows Vista and the Calibre X250/X250G Graphics Card, gamers can play the hottest games and feel like they’re part of the action rather than watching it happen!

Source: Sparkle Press Release

Tags: calibre x250  |  calibre x250g  |  factory  |  geforce  |  overclocking  |  sparkle


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