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 03.02.2009   MSI annuncia le video card R4870-MD1G e R4870-MD512

MSI International ha annunciato ufficialmente le schede grafiche R4870-MD1G e R4870-MD512. Si tratta di due soluzioni basate sulla gpu ATI Radeon HD 4870 ed equipaggiate rispettivamente con 1GB e 512MB di RAM. A caratterizzare fortemente le due video card è l'elevata qualità realizzativa, e della componentistica in particolare.

MSI ha infatti scelto di integrare sul PCB non soltanto condensatori ma anche bobine a stato solido o SSC (solid-state chokes). In tal modo il circuito risulta essere, da un lato, particolarmente stabile al crescere della potenza in gioco, a causa, ad esempio, della configurazione in overclocking, e, dall'altro, viene incrementata la durata della sua vita fisica.

L'ampio cooler attivo basato su una ventola da 9cm a basso rumore operante a ~2800 RPM garantisce una elevata efficienza nella fase di smaltimento del calore minimizzando il rumore (le card ordinarie hanno una ventola da 8cm che gira a 3500~3800 RPM, ndr). Sono tre le uscite del segnale video: HDMI, DVI e D-Sub (VGA).

[Taipei – Taiwan] Global graphics card leader, MSI International, has unveiled the R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 graphics cards. MSI designed these two cards to be perfect for gamers demanding performance, quality, and low-temperature operation by equipping them with an extra large fan, an extra cool cooling system, and extra long lifespan components. The entire card features best class solid capacitors and SSC (solid-state chokes) built-in to the design that helps to smoothly handle high-power levels and punch-out amazing performance. The solid design also helps to extend the cards total lifespan. Featuring all three - HDMI, DVI and D-Sub (VGA) - major display output, these two cards are sure to please those looking for big-screen LCD monitor or LCD TV display.

Extra large 9cm fan
The R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 both equip a surprisingly large 9cm fan which provides high heat dissipation with low noise. The majority of graphics cards use an 8cm fan, which, when running at around 3500~3800 rpm, can create 35 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air flow along with a rather loud noise. However, the R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512's 9cm large fan runs about 1000 rpm less (~2800 rpm) and produces a whopping 56 CFM air flow. This difference is a 60% increase in efficiency, while, at the same time, creating a quieter environment because of the slower speed. The two cards also equip a copper base, big heatsink area and dual heatpipes design. Coupled with the enlarged fan, compared to reference design, this total cooling solution can lower the ATI 4870 card's average temperature down by 20°C! Who said the ATI Radeon HD 4870 is a heat monster? MSI is able to offer a cool and quiet model to this famous card using its unique cooling system design.

Extra long lifespan capacitors
High performance graphics cards consume a lot of power. No exception, the ATI Radeon HD 4870 cards use two PCI-Express (PCIe) power connectors for power. A power supply's stability and instability will have a direct impact on the total lifespan, stability and overclocking capabilities of a graphics card. The R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 equip the best class solid capacitors; the design ensures a 5000 hour lifespan under 105°C environment. This lifespan doubles for every 10 degrees below 105°C. Using this figure, the average gamer could play eight hours of games every day on the card for over 10 years! The solid capacitor design makes the R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 very long-lived graphics cards.

SSC (Solid State Choke)
The power module of R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 is equipped with the latest Solid State Choke (SSC) for more stable operation. The vast majority of chokes is made by wrapping coils around a metal stick and use an electro-magnetic flow to ensure a stable flow of electricity. However, these types of chokes have a drawback when high current is run through that can result in unpleasant noise because of unbalanced material density. This 'electrical mummer' can sometimes be even louder than the fan.

MSI has taken the lead by implementing a new SSC with form-in-one, even density across the choke. No separate components were attached, just a solid piece of iron, and SSC doesn't produce any unpleasant noise under high current. Additionally, this SSC choke is made to withstand the highest current, making the R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 ideal for overclocking. Solid State Chokes also helps reduce energy waste of manufacture and represents another effort of MSI to help protect the planet.

Native HDMI ports supporting Blu-ray
The R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 offer HDMI, DVI and D-Sub (VGA) ports. HDMI not only delivers breathtaking visuals, but also supports true, hi-def sound. Bundled with ATI Radeon HD 4870 that supports UVD 2.0 video decoder engine, these two cards are perfect for Blu-ray movies playback on any type of screen, and support the latest DirectX 10 games.

MSI International pays close attention to the components and cooling technology of its graphics cards. Building on MSI's continued breakthroughs in technological development, the R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 represent a new level for MSI's graphics cards' prowess. Even though the ATI Radeon HD 4870 GPU is known for being a hot-running, loud card, MSI was able to re-think its architecture and develop a cool and quiet solution. The R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 are sure to appeal gamers seeking powerful performing graphics.

Source: MSI Press Release

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