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 08.05.2008   NVIDIA lancia ufficialmente la tecnologia Hybrid SLI

NVIDIA ha presentato ufficialmente la tecnologia Hybrid SLI che contempla l'abbinamento di una scheda grafica "discreta" di classe GeForce 8/9 ad una motherboard basata su un chip-set NVIDIA della linea nForce 7xx e dotata di una gpu integrata di classe GeForce 8 o 9.

La nuova soluzione è indirizzata, in accordo al produttore, ai gamer che puntano alla realizzazione di sistemi capaci di offrire buone prestazioni in ambito ludico, pur senza ricorrere a costose configurazioni multi-gpu, come quelle formate da due schede grafiche high-end connesse secondo una topologia SLI ordinaria.

Ma è tuttavia il risparmio energetico il fine e il vantaggio principale dell'Hybrid SLI dal momento che essa prevede lo spegnimento della scheda video esterna, che come è noto dissipa molta più potenza elettrica di un IGP, in tutti gli ambiti applicativi che non comportano un elevato carico computazionale (come il web browsing o la lettura della posta, ad esempio). Parimenti nei casi in cui occorre maggiore potenza di calcolo, come nel 3D Gaming, può essere attivata la video card discreta, ottenendo risultati superiori a quelli offerti da una gpu integrata.

Al momento la tecnologia Hybrid SLI è applicabile ai soli processori AMD Phenom, inclusi gli X4, per i quali sono infatti disponibili le schede madri con i chip-set nForce 780a SLI, nForce 750a SLI, nForce 730a e nForce 720a e con gpu integrate quali le GeForce 8300, GeForce 8200 e GeForce 8100. Le schede grafiche esterne compatibili sono invece le GeForce 9800 GX2, GeForce 9800 GTX, GeForce 8400 GS e GeForce 8500 GT.

L'accoppiata tra i processori Intel e la tecnologia Hybrid SLI sarà invece disponibile a partire dal terzo trimestre dell'anno corrente.

SANTA CLARA, CA—MAY 06, 2008— PC users love the visual realism that high-performance graphics processors give their PCs, but would rather do without the noise and power consumption typical of modern entertainment and gaming PCs. Starting today, however, they can have the best of both worlds, thanks to the new NVIDIA platforms based on the company’s Hybrid SLI technology. These new platforms are the foundation for a new breed of PCs that deliver a richer visual experience while reducing energy consumption and costs, fan noise, and even heat. The new technology is available immediately with new NVIDIA nForce 780a SLI and GeForce 8 Series based motherboards.

"Hybrid SLI will give consumers the extra GPU performance they need for the increasing numbers of visual PC applications such as today’s PC games," said Drew Henry, general manager of platform business at NVIDIA. "And it will give gamers and PC enthusiasts the quiet and power savings they demand. Hybrid SLI components could very well pay for themselves over the life of the PC."

The visual capabilities of typical PCs are driven by either integrated graphics on the motherboard or by higher performance, discrete graphics cards, like NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. Unfortunately, the most common integrated graphics chips lack the performance and features needed by many popular modern 3D applications, games, and movies. Discrete graphics cards deliver a far superior visual experience, but consume more energy.

Hybrid SLI-enabled motherboards eliminate this problem by putting a GeForce GPU directly on the motherboard. This GeForce GPU has better DirectX compatibility and HD movie playback capability than the most common integrated graphics chips found in today’s PCs, but consumes less energy than a discrete graphics card. But that’s only the start.

Designed for PC enthusiasts and hard-core gamers, the HybridPower feature completely powers down the discrete graphics cards and switches graphics processing to the motherboard GPU in applications where major 3D horsepower is not required, such as e-mail and Web surfing. Users will appreciate the lower energy consumption, quieter PC operation, and less heat. When additional 3D horsepower is needed, it can be manually transitioned back to discrete graphics cards using HybridPower technology, which are then powered up and ready to rock the 3D world. Hybrid SLI technology can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs over the life of the PC for high-end, enthusiast-class PCs, and deliver additional graphics performance for more mainstream desktops via these two features.i

For mainstream users, a Hybrid SLI technology feature called GeForce Boost allows the user to add an additional graphics card for even more graphics horsepower. By combining the performance of the motherboard GPU and graphics card discrete GPUs, GeForce Boost increases overall graphics performance up to 50% for today’s visually intensive applications and home entertainment.

"NVIDIA continues to deliver outstanding innovation for AMD CPUs. We are especially excited that HybridPower, a feature of NVIDIA Hybrid SLI, will be introduced exclusively on AMD CPU-based platforms," said Leslie Sobon, director, product marketing, AMD. "The AMD Phenom X4 quad-core processors, together with this motherboard’s HybridPower features, deliver powerful performance and energy efficiency, an important combination for AMD."

The Hybrid SLI-enabled desktop PC motherboards are designed to create a balanced PC with GeForce GPUs and AMD Phenom processors. Eight models, including a newly available nForce 780a SLI motherboard, are available:

  • nForce 780a SLI, nForce 750a SLI, nForce 730a, and nForce 720a
  • GeForce 8300, GeForce 8200, and GeForce 8100

Currently available Hybrid SLI-enabled discrete graphics cards include:

  • NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 and NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX (both HybridPower-capable)
  • GeForce 8400 GS and GeForce 8500 GT (both GeForce Boost-capable)

Hybrid SLI-enabled PC motherboards for Intel processors and Hybrid SLI-enabled notebooks will be available in Q3 of 2008. For more information about NVIDIA Hybrid SLI technology please visit

Source: NVIDIA Press Release

Tags: hybrid  |  nvidia  |  sli  |  tecnologia


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