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 21.09.2014   Acer America lancia i monitor gaming-oriented XB280HK e XB270H

Acer ha lanciato nel mercato nordamericano i monitor gaming-oriented di fascia alta denominati XB280HK e XB270H, ampliando così la linea di prodotti XBO.

Entrambi i monitor sono pienamente compatibili con la tecnologia G-SYNC di NVIDIA, che sappiamo essere finalizzata al miglioramento della qualità grafica percepibile dagli utenti. Con G-SYNC, infatti, il frame rate con cui una gpu GeForce GTX invia il segnale al display viene sincronizzato con il refresh rate del monitor: in tal modo la visualizzazione del gioco è priva di sfarfallii e frammentazione dell'immagine.

Il monitor XB280HK di Acer è basato su un pannello 4K2K Ultra HD da 28-inch, che lavora a 3840 x 2160 pixel in corrispondenza di una frequenza di refresh pari a 60Hz, mentre il modello XB270H è caratterizzato da un display da 27-inch che garantisce la visualizzazione in Full HD a 1920 x 1080 pixel con una impressionante frequenza di refresh pari a 144Hz.

Entrambe le soluzioni XBO di Acer hanno un tempo di risposta pari a 1ms, che è evidentemente perfetto per i game, un rapporto di contrasto pari a 1000:1, una luminosità pari a 300cd/m2, l'angolo di visualizzazione orizzontale pari a 170° e quello di visualizzazione verticale pari a 160°. Inoltre, entrambe le periferiche di uscita sono date di un correttore video DisplayPort e di un hub USB a 4 + 1 porte.

Il monitor XB280HK ha un MSRP pari a $799 e sarà commercializzato a ottobre, mentre il modello XB270H ha un MSRP pari a $599 ed è già acquistabile on line negli U.S. e in Canada.

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

Acer America is bringing its new XBO series gaming displays featuring NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to gaming enthusiasts in North America. This cutting-edge line delivers significant performance advantages that infuse gaming with incredibly smooth, realistic and responsive visuals, elevating game play to a new level of stunning realism.

The two XBO series display models for North America include the Acer XB280HK boasting a 28-inch 4K2K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) display with a @60Hz refresh rate and the Acer XB270H with a 27-inch screen and a maximum Full HD 1080p @ 144Hz resolution. Both models provide a quick 1ms response time, further enhancing in-game performance. They also feature revolutionary NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, comfortable ergonomics and excellent connectivity.

"We’re excited to bring these first-rate gaming displays to gamers in the United States and Canada," said Ronald Lau, Acer America business manager. "The incredibly sharp and smooth images provided by NVIDIA G-SYNC technology are sure to thrill the most avid gamers. Combined with Acer’s highly flexibly ergonomic stand, non-glare ComfyView panel and low dimming technology, users are assured long hours of both comfortable and visually stunning game play."

NVIDIA G-SYNC: Picture-Perfect Visuals
NVIDIA G-SYNC technology ensures that every frame rendered by the GPU is perfectly portrayed by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rates to the GPU in a GeForce GTX-powered PC. This breakthrough technology eliminates screen tearing and minimizes display stutter and input lag to deliver a smooth, fast and breathtaking gaming experience on the hottest PC gaming titles. Scenes appear instantly, objects look visually sharp, and gameplay is more responsive to provide faster reaction times, giving gamers a competitive edge.

"NVIDIA G-SYNC technology dramatically improves the way gamers see their games, by delivering images that are fast, sharp and stutter-free," said Tom Petersen, distinguished engineer at NVIDIA. "This is the way games were meant to be played, and gamers will absolutely love these new Acer XBO monitors."

Comfortable Ergonomics
By making gaming as comfortable as possible, the XBO series monitors help extend game time with three Acer innovations. Acer flicker-less technology reduces eye strain via a stable power supply that eliminates screen flicker. Its low dimming technology provides users the ability to adjust brightness down to 15 percent in low-light environments and Acer ComfyView non-glare screen reduces reflection for clearer viewing, a significant benefit for gamers.

A flexible, multi-function ErgoStand extends a wide range of options for maximum comfort and viewing perspectives. For finding the best angle, the screen tilts from -5 to -35 degrees and the height can be raised by up to 5.9 inches. In addition, the base rotates 120 degrees from left to right for easy screen sharing during game play and collaboration with others. Plus, the screen pivots from horizontal to vertical to accommodate two entirely different gaming scenarios.

Both new XBO series monitors deliver wide viewing angles up to 170 degrees horizontal and up to 160 degrees vertical. The Acer XB280HK delivers 1.07 billion colors and the Acer XB270HL provides 16.7 million colors, while both offer a native contrast ratio of 1000:1, a 300 nits brightness and a 72 percent NTSC(2) color saturation, a combination that delivers exceptionally vibrant, detailed and high-quality imagery.

Superb Connectivity
The displays come with DisplayPort as well as high-speed USB 3.0 ports (1 up, 4 down) that are located on the side and down of screen for easily connecting a mouse, keyboard, gaming headset, joystick and other peripherals. One of the USB ports is equipped for battery charging. Eco-Friendly Design

EPEAT Gold registered, the highest level of EPEAT registration available, the displays meet all of EPEAT’s required criteria and at least 75 percent of EPEAT’s optional criteria. They’re also mercury-free and LED-backlit, which reduces energy costs by consuming less power than standard CCFL-backlit displays. ENERGY STAR 6.0 and TCO 6.0 qualified, they adhere to strict environmental, performance and ergonomic design standards. Pricing and Availability

The Acer XB270H is available now at leading online retailers in the United States and Canada with a MSRP of US$599 and $649.99 CAD. The Acer XB280HK will be available next month at leading online retailers in the United States and Canada with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of US$799 and $849.99 CAD.

Source: Acer America Press Release

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