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 13.08.2013   MSI lancia la card GeForce GTX 760 HAWK per gamer e overclocker

Micro-Star International (MSI) ha annunciato la video card GeForce GTX 760 HAWK (o in maniera più compatta N760 HAWK), una soluzione basata sulla gpu GeForce GTX 760 di NVIDIA a cui il maker taiwanese ha abbinato un design non reference sia del PCB che del cooler al fine di realizzare un prodotto molto gradito agli overclocker.

Il core grafico della gpu della GeForce GTX 760 HAWK lavora a partire da 1111MHz (valore di base) e può raggiungere in automatico una frequenza di clock pari a 1176MHz (GPU Boost). Il frame buffer della video card è implementato con 2GB di RAM G-DDR5 e opera con una velocità effettiva pari a 6008MHz (4 x 1002MHz).

La stabilità operativa della N760 HAWK viene garantita da MSI con il supporto dell'adozione di componenti discreti aderenti allo "standard" proprietario Military Class IV, oltre che da un cooler a doppia ventola realizzato in accordo alla tecnologia proprietaria Twin Frozr IV Advanced. In base ai dati forniti dalla stessa MSI, rispetto al dissipatore reference, questa soluzione riduce la temperatura dei componenti cardine di 10°C e il livello di rumore di 12.48dB.

La GeForce GTX 760 HAWK vanta la funzionalità Twin BIOS: la card, infatti, integra due chip BIOS separati, uno configurato per il gaming ordinario e un altro che impone l'operatività dell'hardware in un regime di overclocking spinto; con l'ausilio di uno switch l'utente può decidere quale configurazione attivare.

E' ampio il set di tool a corredo dell'hardware: V-Check Point monitora le tensioni di polarizzazione della gpu, del frame buffer e del VRM, mentre Afterburner è naturalmente utilissimo in ambito overclocking e overvoltage. Il kit di connettori di uscita è composto da una porta dual-link DVI-I, una dual-link DVI-D, una DisplayPort (v. 1.2) e una HDMI (v. 1.4a).

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

(Taipei - Taiwan) Leading international motherboard and graphics card maker MSI announces the release of the new MSI N760 Hawk graphics card. To give more overclockers a chance to enjoy the fun of overclocking, the graphics card has new TWIN BIOS design. The TWIN BIOS and Enhanced Power Design not only improve overclocking performance, but also bring extreme overclocking closer to home.

For cooling the MSI N760 HAWK is equipped with MSI’s new Twin Frozr IV Advanced. With two large 10 cm Propeller Blade Technology fans and new Airflow Control Technology, the Hawk stays frosty. Thanks to the superior air flow the Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design boosts cooling performance, dropping temperatures by 10 °C and noise by 12.48 dB, compared to the reference design. Dust Removal Technology gives dust no chance by blowing dust from the Thermal Design at every boot providing extended coolness.

The N760 HAWK uses Military Class IV components that have been tested and certified against the MIL-STD-810G standard by an independent laboratory, these high quality components guarantee the graphics card's stability. MSI's OC Kit is designed to make it even easier for enthusiasts to control and overclock the graphics card so whether you're a beginner or a veteran, everything about the N760 HAWK is designed to essential for overclockers.

TWIN BIOS for Better Overclocking with Enhanced Power Design
The new TWIN BIOS design consists of two specialized separate BIOS chips, one optimized for general gaming use and one specially configured for extreme overclocking, which unlocks the graphics cards' true potential. The Enhanced Power Design improves on the regular GTX 760 design by beefing up the amount of power that can be delivered and the quality and efficiency of the components used. This allows more performance to be extracted from the GTX 760 Hawk and delivers rock-solid performance during gaming or extreme overclocking.

Next-generation Cooling Doubles Heat Dissipation and Dust Removal
The MSI N760 HAWK is equipped with the next-generation Twin Frozr IV Advanced Thermal Design. Besides the 8mm Super Pipe, Propeller Blade technology, and dual 10cm temperature-controlled fans for better cooling, proprietary Airflow Control Technology and Dust Removal Technology significantly improve cooling capacity and also runs fans in reverse for 30 seconds every time the system is started. This helps to remove dust from the heat sink fan module and optimizes the long-term graphics card's cooling performance. The N760 HAWK is equipped with two form-in-one heat sinks to aid in cooling the memory and power components while balancing the Thermal conditions of the graphics card and adding extra ruggedness. The outstanding next-generation cooling design of the N760 HAWK allows it to run 10 °C cooler and 12.48dB quieter than the reference design.

Premium Materials and User-friendly Overclocking Design
MSI products lead the industry in stability and durability. Continuous improvements ensure they exceed any expectations. The N760 HAWK uses the latest Military Class 4 components and has been certified by an independent laboratory to be compliant with MIL-STD-810G military standards after passing 7 rigorous tests. Be it the Tantalum core Hi-C Cap for longer service life and stability, the new SFC with polished surface for even better cooling, or the moisture- and rust-resistant Dark Solid CAP, all are designed to improve the stability of the N760 HAWK.

The Overclocking Tools are designed specifically for overclocking enthusiasts.
The V-Check Point monitors GPU, Memory and VRM voltages with an multi-meter, while MSI's proprietary Afterburner overclocking utility supports Triple Overvoltage to help overclocking enthusiasts completely master their card.

Source: MSI Press Release

Tags: geforce gtx 760 hawk  |  gpu  |  msi  |  n760 hawk  |  overclocking  |  overvoltage  |  twin bios  |  video card


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