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 02.10.2012   AMD annuncia la commercializzazione delle APU Trinity per desktop

AMD ha annunciato la disponibilità commerciale della seconda generazione di APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) della linea A-Series (nome in codice "Trinity") in versione per PC di tipo desktop, small form-factor (SFF) e home theater (HTPC). I nuovi chip sono compatibili con il socket FM2 e includono una CPU i cui core sono basati sull'architettura "Piledriver".

In accordo al vendor, le nuove APU sono indirizzate a tutti coloro che preferiscono il "fai da te" o do-it-yourself (DIY), oltre che ai gamer che puntano a soluzioni mainstream, e cercano un prodotto in grado di supportare al meglio sia l'attuale Sistema Operativo Microsoft Windows 7 che l'ormai imminente Windows 8.

AMD, relativamente alle nuove APU, pone in rilievo, tra l'altro, una potenza di calcolo superiore alla soglia dei 700 GFLOPS e una frequenza di clock massima pari a 4.2GHz. La tecnologia AMD Turbo Core 3.0 gestisce, più in dettaglio, la variazione automatica della frequenza di clock sia della CPU che della Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Inoltre, queste APU, grazie al moltiplicatore del processore sbloccato e al software proprietario AMD OverDrive, possono essere agevolmente configurate in overclocking fino a 6.5GHz, in accordo allo stesso produttore dell'hardware. La dotazione di una GPU di classe Radeon HD 7000 assicura un buon livello prestazionale sia con i giochi più recenti che utilizzano DirectX 11 che con quelli "legacy".

Sono siglati AMD A55, A75 e A85X i chipset per motherboard lanciati contestualmente da Advanced Micro Devices, mentre segue l'elenco completo delle APU sul mercato da oggi (il prezzo indicato dal produttore da un minimo di $53 a un massimo di $122) è il seguente: A10-5800K, A10-5700, A8-5600K, A8-5500, A6-5400K e A6-5300.

Più in basso vi proponiamo una tabella riassuntiva con le specifiche salienti dei chip.

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced retail and distribution channel availability of its second generation AMD A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) for desktop, small form-factor and home theater PCs. These new APUs target do-it-yourself (DIY) PC builders, mainstream gamers and value-added resellers who want to upgrade their PC infrastructure with affordable performance, discrete-level graphics, multiple cores and fast processing for outstanding responsiveness.

The second generation desktop AMD A-Series APU is available at prices ranging from $53 to $122 USD1. Compared to similarly priced competitive offerings, the new APUs offer more cores, more speed, best-in-class entertainment experiences and an easy upgrade path based on a stable socket infrastructure2. AMD APU users also gain access to the AMD AppZone and a comprehensive list of accelerated applications that leverage the full compute power of the APU. With hardware-accelerated support for DirectX 11 on AMD Radeon graphics and AMD Eyefinity technology delivering a more immersive experience, the AMD A-Series APUs are the ideal solution for systems running the highly-anticipated Microsoft Windows 8 and today’s Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems.

"The new AMD A-Series APU is ideal for anyone looking for a new desktop or home theater PC with leading performance for the dollar," said Leslie Sobon, corporate vice president, Desktop and Component Products, AMD. "The combination of processing speed, multiple compute cores and discrete-level graphic capabilities on the second generation AMD A-Series APU make it an excellent platform for the gamer and PC enthusiast alike."

More Cores, More Speed and More Value
The second generation AMD A-Series APU provides higher performance and capabilities over the first generation:

  • More than 700 GFLOPS of compute performance3;
  • Up to 4.2 GHz max frequency;
  • Unlocked Central Processing Unit (CPU) with AMD OverDrive software for up to 6.5 GHz of extreme overclocking performance4.
With CPU and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) AMD Turbo Core 3.0 Technology, the second generation AMD A-Series APU performance is improved by allowing frequencies of the GPU and CPU cores to automatically increase. PC users looking for ultimate control tweaking their system can use the AMD OverDrive software application to overclock both the CPU and the GPU, and also increase the memory frequency to deliver a superior gaming experience.

Better Video and Gaming with AMD Radeon Graphics The second generation AMD A-Series APUs include AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series graphics, providing high-performance discrete-class graphics. These APUs extend AMD’s legacy of gaming leadership with a significant increase in both CPU and GPU performance5 over the previous generation and support for:
  • AMD Eyefinity Technology – The only multi-monitor technology that supports a single-surface Windows 8 experience across up to four monitors. For the first time, this immersive technology is available from an APU without the need for a discrete graphics card;
  • Industry-leading, high-performance DirectX 11 graphics architecture capable of delivering full 1080p gaming for a life-like level of detail;
  • AMD Radeon Dual Graphics support that delivers a performance boost of up to 75 percent when a discrete graphics card is added to the APU6. The AMD Radeon Dual Graphics option also offers support for DirectX 9 and 10 for older game titles, and uses new AMD CrossFire Application Profiles for easier updates.
Easy Upgrade Path
The second generation desktop AMD A-Series APUs combine AMD’s next-generation "Piledriver" CPU architecture with AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series graphics on the new FM2 motherboard infrastructure to deliver a host of new features and a brilliant visual experience, all on a platform with future upgrade capability.

Three different chipset options are available on motherboards with the FM2 socket, each with a different feature set: AMD A55, A75 and A85X. These chipsets support AMD Memory Profiles which enable graphics memory to run at 1866 MHz, with up to a 266 MHz boost for faster performance.

Industry Support
ASRock: "The new A-Series APUs are a perfect combination of performance and price for PC enthusiasts," said James Lee, ASRock vice president of Sales and Marketing. "The ASRock FM2 motherboards come with a complete product line supplying those enthusiasts to achieve the highest level of computing. Besides, with ASRock smart X-Boost Technology, overclocking the APU can become a one-button process.

Asus: "Second generation AMD A-Series APUs are ideal for desktop PC builders and mainstream gamers," said Joe Hsieh, general manager of Asus’ Motherboard Business Unit. "Our award-winning motherboards outfitted with these leading processors provide customers an immersive experience, easy upgrade path and affordable price."

ECS: "The performance, price and upgrade options of the second generation AMD A-Series APUs should make these products wildly popular with a wide range of PC enthusiasts who are building a new system or about to upgrade his or her system," said David Chien, vice president of ECS Channel Business Unit. "We look forward to supplying those enthusiasts with the stability and performance features of our special gold-plated A85F2-A Golden FM2 motherboard."

GIGABYTE: "With AMD’s second generation APU platform, GIGABYTE is bringing several exclusive technologies to an AMD platform for the first time, including our new Ultra Durable 5 technology and Digital Power delivery," commented Henry Kao, vice president of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. "These technologies help ensure GIGABYTE FM2 series motherboards will get the absolute maximum graphics and processing performance from AMD’s new and exciting A-Series APUs."

MSI: "Combining second generation AMD A-Series APUs with MSI’s new FM2 mainboards creates a platform that offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and gaming performance, especially with easy-to-use features like MSI OC Genie," said Ted Hung, MSI vice president of Mainboard Department. "We are ready to impress the market with stable, high performance products that are a great home for AMD’s new APUs."

Details and Availability
Starting today, the following AMD A-Series APUs are available from AMD’s channel partners and retailers worldwide.

Source: AMD Press Release

Tags: a55  |  a75  |  a85x  |  amd  |  apu  |  desktop  |  piledriver  |  trinity


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