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 22.10.2010   Extreme Overclocking: MSI lancia la video card N480GTX Lightning

Con il comunicato stampa di seguito allegato, MSI ha annunciato l'ampliamento della linea di video card Lightning con la soluzione di fascia alta, basata sulla gpu GeForce GTX 480 di NVIDIA, denominata N480GTX Lightning che, in accordo al produttore, è stata progettata per consentire agli utenti di impostare overclocking estremi.

In condizioni di default le frequenze di clock del core della gpu e della memoria RAM on board (1536MB di G-DDR5) sono pari a rispettivamente a 750MHz e 4000MHz: si tratta di valori più elevati di quelli previsti dal design reference, in accordo al quale le frequenze di clock corrispondenti sono pari a 700MHz e 3696MHz, anche se il divario non è troppo marcato.

E' invece impressionante il margine a disposizione degli overclocker, in virtù della realizzazione della scheda grafica secondo la nuova architettura Power4, che prevede, tra l'altro, la dotazione di un PWM a 16 fasi per l'equipaggiamento dello stadio di alimentazione, e dell'adozione di un cooler basato sulla tecnologia proprietaria Twin Frozr III, che garantisce l'operatività dell'hardware ad una temperatura che è inferiore di 18° rispetto a quella ottenibile con un dissipatore reference, a parità di condizioni ambientali e carico computazionale.

MSI dichiara che la gpu N480GTX Lightning può essere spinta fino a 1450MHz; in tali condizioni lo score fatto registrare con il benchmark 3DMark Vantage è da record, essendo pari a 39281.

Il kit di porte di uscita della video card include due Dual-link DVI, una HDMI e una DisplayPort.

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

(Taipei-Taiwan) The Lightning graphics card series from the world-leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI, has been receiving unanimous recognition from power users and major media worldwide. The new member of the series, N480GTX Lightning, is tailored for extreme overclocking. By the world's first Power4 architecture to provide sufficient and stable power, the OC potential of the N480GTX Lightning has been significantly increased. With its incredible core clock – 1450MHz, N480GTX Lightning created the new world record of 3DMark Vantage at 392811. Without a doubt, the N480GTX Lightning is, by far, the top graphics card designed for Extreme Overclocking.

Furthermore, the N480GTX Lightning is equipped with a number of the latest MSI-exclusive features, including the Twin Frozr III thermal solution that maintains GPU temperature at 18°C lower than the reference thermal design; the GPU/Memory/PLL triple overvoltage functions by the Afterburner utility and the new-generation Military Class Components. In addition to showing MSI’s demand for continuous improvement, these state-of-the-art features bring consumers more powerful OC features beyond their imagination.

VWorld's first Power4 Architecture for the most stable OC power
Continuing the improvement of the power system in the previous version, the N480GTX Lightning features the industry-first Power4 Architecture to enhance the relevant design and material of four types of power supply. These include 16 Phase PWM design to provide three times more electricity for the GPU; the next-gen capacitor, Proadlizer, to significantly enhance signal stability; the industry-best MOSEFT, CopperMOS, to supply sufficient and stable power to the GPU and memory; and the uniquely designed 6-pin power connector to provide the pure power for memory. For either general users or extreme OC users, all these bring a more stable operating environment.

VThe latest Twin Frozr III thermal design to lower 18°C than the reference design
MSI has won numerous awards for its Twin Frozr thermal solution since it was launched and the new N480GTX Lightning is equipped with the latest Twin Frozr III. In addition to the MSI-exclusive 8mm SuperPipe technology and two form-in-one heat-sinks as in all Twin Frozr thermal solutions, MIS has enlarge the size of the two PWN fans from 8cm to 9cm to provide more airflow. When working under full load, Twin Frozr III lowers the GPU temperature of the N480GTX Lightning 18°C than the reference design and thereby enhances greater OC potential.

VTriple overvoltage (GPU/Memory/PLL) support to unleash OC potential
In terms of software, the N480GTX Lightning is equipped with the MSI-exclusive Afterburner utility (V2.0.0). Users can adjust the GPU and memory clocks as well as the voltage of GPU/Memory/PLL2 to unleash the OC potential of the N480GTX Lightning totally. The triple overvoltage function boosts the OC performance of the N480GTX Lightning up to 34%3 more than the reference design and allows users to exert the best-ever performance of the N480GTX Lightning.

VExtreme OC performance to build the king of graphics cards
The N480GTX Lightning even adapts the MSI-exclusive Extreme OC Functions to fulfill the hardware demand of power users. In addition to the V-Check Points and V-Switch for measuring and adjusting GPU/Memory/PLL voltage instantaneously, the Dual BIOS and XtremeCool can effectively prevent any potential problem under LN2 extreme overclocking. Moreover, the PWM Clock Tuner enables to raise the OC capability. All in All, the N480GTX Lightning is the king of graphics cards designed for extreme overclocking.

VNext-gen Military Class Components for superb quality and stability
Apart from the industry-first power system, the best thermal design and the MSI-exclusive OC functions, the N480GTX Lightning is built with the select next-gen Military Class Components. These include the Hi-c CAP with a lifespan eight times longer than ordinary solid state capacitors, the SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) that enhances current flow by 30% and solid state capacitors with a lifespan of 10 years. With the top quality components, the N480GTX Lightning has longer product lifespan and best stability to build the best performance.

For more information about N480GTX Lightning, please visit "MSI Lightning Series": http://event.msi.com/vga/lightning/ .

Source: MSI Press Release

Tags: lightning  |  n480gtx lightning


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