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 28.11.2009   Il chipset H55 per le mobo H55 Pro, H55 e H55DE3 di ASRock

ASRock ha sapientemente attirato l'attenzione degli appassionati con la preview di tre nuove motherboard basate sul prossimo chipset di Intel H55 Express che sarà in grado di gestire non soltanto i processori delle linee Core i5 e Core i7 compatibili con il socket LGA-1156 ma anche i processori Core i3 "Clarkdale", ovvero i primi chip di Intel a integrare nello stesso package non soltanto il memory controller ma anche un IGP (o gpu) ovvero dotati della "Intel Graphics Technology".

Le motherboard illustrate da ASRock sono tre: la H55M Pro e la H55M hanno un form factor di tipo mATX mentre la H55DE3 è una ATX standard. Le tre soluzioni sono molto simili in termini di feature. Per fissare le idee, a differenziare la H55M dalle altre due è il numero degli slot per le RAM di tipo DDR3, che è pari a due piuttosto che a quatto come negli altri due casi.

Tra le feature delle motherboard segnaliamo la dotazione di due slot PCI-Express x16, di una sottosezione audio a 7.1 canali e la compatibilità con le tecnologie multi-gpu ATI CrossFireX e ATI Quad CrossFireX. I connettori per l'uscita del segnale video sono di tipo D-Sub, DVI-D e HDMI (1.3a).

Le nuove motherboard, in cui gli stadi di alimentazione delle cpu sono equipaggiati con condensatori a stato solido, saranno commercializzate nel perido compreso tra la fine di Dicembre e la parte iniziale del prossimo mese di Gennaio.

ASRock H55M Pro

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

ASRock H55M

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

ASRock H55DE3

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

ASRock H55M Pro, H55M e H55DE3 - Specifiche a contronto

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

November. 25, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan – ASRock Inc. the leading motherboard manufacturer proudly announce the preview for its Intel upcoming chipset motherboards. This is good news for PC enthusiasts for the great HD media performance. The ASRock new Intel platform motherboards support Intel Core i7, Core i5 and the upcoming socket 1156 processors. ASRock new motherboards are not only inherited the core value of Intel’s upcoming chipset, but also embedded with distinctly awesome hardware designs. ASRock motherboards allow users to take advantage of Intel’s upcoming new CPU with integrated graphics technology effortlessly.

H55M Pro, is a mATX board featuring with the unique ASRock DuraCap featuring 100% Japan-made high-quality Conductive Polymer Capacitors which can last 2.5 times longer lifespan. The CPU is powered by 4+1 power phase design. For memory aspect, it comes with the world’s fastest Dual Channel DDR3 2600+ (OC), non-ECC, un-buffered memory, 4 DIMM slots, Max. capacity up to 16GB. Supporting 2 PCIE 2.0 x 16 slots which are compatible of running ATI CrossFireX and Quad CrossFireX, alongside with 1 PCIE x1 slot, 1 PCI slot, Gigabit Ethernet and 5 SATA2 ports. The rear panel includes connectors for 7.1 ch HD audio, IEEE 1394 port and powered eSATA/USB connector. Particularly, H55M Pro motherboard is equipped with novelty multi-VGA outputs: D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI. Please note that Intel processor with integrated graphics is required to utilize these ports.

By adopting Intel’s upcoming graphics integrated processor, ASRock H55M Pro motherboard is able to support Auto Lip Sync, Deep Color (12bpc), xvYCC and HBR (High Bit Rate Audio) with HDMI 1.3a (Compliant HDMI monitor is required). Not only this, through HDMI audio, it can also support Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio which provides home cinema-style audio.

Subsequently, it is featured with ASRock exclusive C.C.O. design which allows you to adopt either LGA 775 or 1156 CPU FAN. ASRock H55M Pro motherboard not only come with all our signature functions such as OC DNA, OC Tuner, Intelligent Energy Saver, Instant Boot, Instant Flash, Good Night LED, and ASRock Software Suite, but also born for green computing concept and have achieved European EuP standard as well. As such, ASRock H55M Pro can satisfy all your needs for an ultimate HD graphics machine.

ASRock H55M Pro + Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB = Ultimate Audio Solution! The ASRock exclusive software suite includes Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB trial solution on H55M Pro, H55M and H55DE3 motherboards to enrich your digital entertainment. ASRock upcoming motherboards feature the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB technology that breathes life into songs; makes your music, movies and gaming way better! From now on, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy an additional sound card!

The Sound Blaster X-Fi MB solution ensures you the premium audio quality, effects and features for PC systems equipped with onboard audio. For instance, the X-Fi CMSS-3D technology expands your stereo audio into surround sound via multi-channel speaker, stereo speaker or even headphone; the X-Fi Crystalizer technology restores the compressed sound source and can even let you hear every detail in riveting surround sound. Combined with the Creative user-friendly software and the great ASRock H55 series motherboard, you will be assured to enjoy a rich variety of program and be entertained by a better way. The Creative X-Fi software main features include the following:

X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity is the new audio standard from Creative that makes your music and movies sound way better than before. X-Fi technology breathes life into songs, restoring the detail and expanding the music to surround sound. X-Fi consists of two key technologies: X-Fi CMSS-3D and X-Fi Crystalizer.

X-Fi CMSS-3D technology expands your stereo MP3s and digital movies into surround sound over multi-channel speakers, stereo speakers or even headphones. Voices are centered in front of you and ambient sounds are moved all around you.

X-Fi Crystalizer technology restores the detail and vibrance to your compressed music and movies. All the highs and lows are intelligently enhanced, ensuring you'll hear everything in crystal clear clarity. EAX

ADVANCED HD 4.0 is a collection of powerful, innovative audio technologies designed by Creative's world-class team of audio professionals.

The sophisticated environment effects of EAX provide a greater sense of realism to the whole gaming experience. Additional audio cues provided by EAX also give gamers a competitive advantage in multiplayer games. It is therefore no surprise that EAX has been widely acknowledged as the premier choice for interactive 3D audio for games.

Creative ALchemy is a powerful tool that restores the audio for a DirectSound3D game running on Windows Vista to its former glory - in full surround sound with hardware accelerated audio mixing, sampling rate conversion and EAX effects.

Source: ASRock Press Release

Tags: asrock  |  chip-set  |  h55  |  motherboard


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