Painkiller demo - Voodoo5 6000 - Windows XP

Started by Glide, 24 February 2004, 00:49:59

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- Operative System: Windows XP with SP1a

- DirectX: 9b

- 3dfx Driver: Amigamerlin 3.0 XP

- Main game settings: 1024x768, FSAA off

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Painkiller demo runs on 3dfx Voodoo4/5 boards by a TnL patch that you can grab here


Sorry to say this but that screen shot looks terrible, especially the gun. NO, I am not flaming you or the Voodoo5, I'm just telling the truth.

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ArchAngelCD, the gun looks very similar to that you can see with other boards (from nVIDIA or ATI) using these settings: you must remember frame has been rendered without AA. Jpeg compression adds some imperfection, as lecram25 says, but that weapon is not really very nice, w/out AA ;)

Other shots, captured with 3dfx or not 3dfx cards, are of course very appreciate for rendering comparison.

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How about the pixel shader effects of Painkiller (e.g. Motion Blur). Are they just gone, ore are some of the effects realized via the T-Buffer? (Just hoping...) - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!


You wont miss much of the effect of painkiller, I played the game both on a geforce 4 and voodoo 5. For the voodoo I used 3danalyze because amigamerlin couldnt make the patch in time for me. I only had to activate HW T&L emulation! Not pixelshader so i think the game doesnt use it very much. But as i said you wont miss very much when playing on a voodoo 5. Only one bad thing : One of the big bosses is made out of water and the voodoo cant handle the reflection on the textures so you see a big white thing walking around instead of a creature [xx(]Idd say give it a try you wont be dissapointed by the results. I finished the whole game on my voodoo 5. :D

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GF4? Hmm, so you haven't seen the PS2.0 effects. I tried the demo on a FX5950U. There is motion blur, when you fall quite a way down to the ground (like in FarCry), and there is an extremely good-looking effekt, when collecting a speed-up Powerup (don't know its name, works like Force "Speed" in Jedi Knight), which looks like radial motion blur with freaky colors.

I don't know which effects are PS1.x and which are PS2.x, but some of those effects could be possibly done by the T-Buffer instead of using Pixel Shaders (which are, as we all know, non-existant on the VSA-100). However, Video Memory Consumption might be excessive...

Well, seems as if it's far too much work to get T-Buffer back to life nowadays. ;) - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!


No my geforce 4 cant do ps 2 but i have also played painkiller on a radeon 9800 xt at my friend computer and that card does have support for ps 2. In my opinion it didnt look better on his radeon than on my geforce. On my voodoo machine I do see something that looks like motion blur but i rather think its the bad image quality of my 15" monitor :)
i also didnt see the effect from the powerup because i probably missed that one. Ill try to play the game again on the geforce and the voodoo and make a comparisation, but remember for the voodoo the result isnt bad at all...

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I'll definitely try it on my GF (6800 possibly?) as well as on a v5 6000.

@ 15" Monitor => Yeah, rofl...

I prefer 21" FD Trinitrons or at least 19" dot pitch monitors. Why use a high end graphics card, and a 15" screen? (I'd never use a v5 6000 with a 15", at least not permanently) - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!


The 15" screen is only a temrorarily solution. Im trying as hard as i can to get me a Sony GDM FW900 24" Trinitron Monitor. And yeah Geforce 6800 is a good choice couse it has 3dfx architechture :DAnyways i played Painkiller again on my voodoo 5 6000 and this time i hooked it up to a 22" monitor. Although the monitor can handel it the game wouldnt go beyond 1280x1024. So i put the rest on high and enabled all the effect. The results are unbarable, the game is too slow to play [V] but when i put it back tp 1024x760 with still most of the effect on it played good. The motion blur effect was gone with the 22" but when i got the demon powerup (the one you get for collecting 66 souls) movement was blurry and looked like motionblur[^]But i dont think it takes advantage of the voodoo's T-buffer. That motion blur look much different. As you probably know i play on a voodoo 5 6000 so i dont know what the 5500 does with this game.  

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high detail + all effect on