Started by aperson, 06 April 2007, 21:28:10

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I have an older desktop with a Voodoo 5, I've been using the SFFT drivers.  What I'm wondering is whether there are any 3dfx drivers or software that will let me adjust things like the brightness and colors?  I would like to keep using SFFT if possible but I could switch if it was the only way.


Not sure that i understand what's your problem. ;)

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Hi aperson,

you could use V.Control - on line at - to manage gamma settings of both Direct3D and OpenGL/GLide games as well as PowerStrip - on line at - to set up video card calibration on desktop environment.

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Thank you, I appreciate it.  Sorry for the lateness of my response but I had cancelled my internet the very next day and just got the new service hooked up yesterday.


aperson, your delay in not a problem!
I hope these hints will be useful for you.

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