Hammerhead FX?

Started by Knuckles, 16 December 2003, 18:10:25

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dunno if it as been asked already but here, Is there any available drivers for the Interact/3dfx HammerHead FX for 2K/XP using teh Gameport? I know there is some for the USB but I want those for the gameport? anyone please?


does somebody help Knuckles? [:(!]

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There are 2000/XP Drivers for the Hammerhead FX when plugged into the USB? Where?

I would also be interested in Gameport drivers...
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With the gameport, FalconFly put online the drivers for Win9x :

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well, I know there is some for win9x, but none for XP [:(]...
I hope there wil be a least one person who can make one...