3dfx Hammerhead FX (SV-262) Gameport XP drivers!

Started by Knuckles, 04 March 2007, 17:13:29

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You might still be looking for them, well since none were existing for XP using the GAMEPORT version of the hammerhead, a while back I asked one of my friend to make me some drivers. He succefully created the driver and it's really working well.

I'm only posting this now because he decided to make it available for public. It doesn't support any rumble and the profile button is mapped as a normal button.

link: http://membres.lycos.fr/nicbouch/

Note: his english still needs some work ;)


edit : GAMEPORT version of the hammerhead -> bold


Awesome! Nice to see anybody still cares about unsupported piece of hardware :)

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Awesome!!! :D
I still havan't tried playing something with it, but because it is detected by the OS now and it can be calibrated, it sure is a good thing!

Thanks! Merci à toi et à Nic pour ca (mon Francais n'est pas si bien comme l'englais de Nic!)! [8D]
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The support for the the USB version of the Hammerhead FX has been improved under Win2k, XP (32 bits), Server 2003 and Vista (32 bits) by a third party.
You can grab the driver here.

Requirements :
   * One or more Hammerhead FX gamepads (connected via USB). Supported models include: SV-262A, SV-262E and SV-262F.
   * Each gamepad must be connected to a USB port. This driver does not support gamepads connected via game port.
   * Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 or Vista operating system. (64 bit Windows is not supported.)

In-ter-ac-tive :
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