Problem with Final Burn Alpha and voodoo cards

Started by THE MEXICAN, 18 January 2003, 00:01:08

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This is the problem:
- The D3D blitter is not compatible with Voodoo
  cards, or any other card that limits textures
  to squares or has a maximum texture size of
  256x256 pixels.

is possible change this, for use this option in this emulator.
sorry for my poor english!!!!!


Indeed, the Direct3D blitter doesn't work with the Voodoo cards (but i would be curious with a V4 4500 or a 5500... ;)). The default DirectDraw should be fine.

But if you want an upgrade, the only hope is the following :
The Official FBA Forums
FBA Development

Update : why a V4 or a V5 ? because these 2 voodoocards are not limited to the 256*256 textures  :)

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