Need Voodoo Advice !!!

Started by Steph3dfx, 24 January 2006, 05:40:59

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A couple of weeks ago I decided to brought back a few 3dfx cards back home.
So after going crazy with Ebay, the stuff is coming home.
I received today a Voodoo2 1000 (3dfx/STB version), very nice black PCB.
Also a Voodoo3 3000 and Voodoo5 will arrived shortly both in AGP version.

I decided to put the Voodoo5 agp in a vintage system : Win98se, Aopen AX3S mobo, PIII 800mhz, 256 megs ram, SB 128, and use the latest official 3dfx drivers.

But I'm also tempted to use a Voodoo card in my current system : WinXP pro, MSI K8T neo2, Athlon 64 3000 sk939, 1gig DDR3200 Dual Ch, ATI X800XL agp, SB Audigy.
Now the options in this system are, a Voodoo2 single/sli or a Voodoo3 3000 pci. I want the best result with the less trouble. The chosen voodoo card will be used for vintage games, from Tomb Raider up to UT99.
Doom3, UT 2004, Quake4 and the other new games will stick to the X800XL.
What are your sugestions and which drivers to use ??
I also considered the Voodoo 4 pci (seems cheap) but the compatibility with older glide games is not 100%. For exemple, I've never been able to use Screamer Rally with my previous V4 and V5.

Thanks for your advice,



v2s are sometimes pain to get working on some newer systems,but I would suggest you try it before doing anything else.the passthrough connection (no need to switch monitor cables) is worth it.v3 pci would be a second option (if you wont be able to get v2 to work).

general info (also applies to single voodoo2)


''v3 pci would be a second option ''

For the hasle of switching the VGA cable, or is there another reason to go the V2 route instead of the V3. A V3 3000 is supposed to be faster than 2 V2 in SLI, no ?



v3pci is faster,has slightly better image quality,allows higher resolutions and its 100% compatible with any modern machine,but YOU HAVE TO switch cables every time you want to use the voodoo card ;)


QuoteFor exemple, I've never been able to use Screamer Rally with my previous V4 and V5.
Screamer Rally needeed a patch to run with a Voodoo2.
Perhaps that's the problem : an "old" game engine (but not sure of course).
Did you use the V2 patch to try working it ?


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