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Started by HN, 21 August 2003, 00:02:44

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:) Is the first time I'm contact with you.

I'm not a expert in computers (maybe the reason why I can't install the Voodoo).
So, I change from W98 to W2000, and the drivers I have are just to W95, W98 and WNT. I check in some sites (voodoofiles.com) and I found some files to install the Voodoo. The instalation was everythink Ok because don't happen any problem, but when I try to play a game (Colin McRae 1) this games don't run, and I don't have the screen 3DFX to change the colors, resolution (like when I have W98).

If some one can give an idea what I doing, or not doing please let me know.

thanks very much.


as said, 1 only post is useful and in the section voodoo1 setup ;)


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