VooDoo 5 6000 on ebay

Started by omega_supreme, 30 November 2005, 15:50:52

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VooDoo 5 6000 for sale on ebay for those who are interested.
Rev. A2 2600, and one of the best looking samples I have seen so far.



He says that there's a Rev 3700 BIOS on it and since then it didn't work. Those who want to buy this nice card are recommended to own a 2600 BIOS too, I think. ;-)

Damn, if only I'd have enough money for that honey ... X-D

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The biggest Voodoo5 6000 test ever: http://3dcenter.de/artikel/voodoo5-6000/


Yes, its a real nice v5 6000. It seems this card
has 5.5 ns and not 5.4 as usual for a v5 6000. So
If you intend to reflash it, I assume you will need
a BIOS from a card that has the same kind of memory.


I would trade my soul to satan for this Voodoo... This one is sooooo sexy :)
Damn... Too bad my mobo sucks-ass :((
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Yes, this card is beautiful despite of she doesn't work (bad bios) or the internal connectors for hookup are missing (no Voodoo volts).

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