VooDoo2 and the new games

Started by sakhr2, 22 July 2003, 14:25:59

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Hy everybody.
I have a voodoo2 8Mo, PIII 666EB and 128Mo. Since 2 years, i can't play in any new game, especially GTA3 and Mafia. Is there any chance to play with GTA3 and Mafia with my VooDoo2.[V][V]



Mafia and GTA3 need a gfx card with 16 MB video memory

this is really no possible for a V2 8Mo

ps : what's your primary card ?

In-ter-ac-tive :
The way video games were always meant to be played

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My primary card is i810e. It has 4Mo normally but in some games, especially the OpenGl games, the video memory becomes 32:)Mo+4Mo. This 32Mo is an AGP memory but it's rarely when it helps me.:)



If you really want to play new games on a Voodoo2, you will need to get s second Voodoo2 and run them in SLI. Too bad your card isn't a 12Mb card because 24Mb would be better and more compatable than 16Mb.

I'm lucky enough to have 2* 12Mb Dianomd Monster II cards I can run in SLI.

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