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Started by Geri, 14 June 2005, 23:53:11

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ok, so i try to re-explain it :)

I need file names from d3d games, that you are plan to use with Voodoo2.

i dont need the file, i need only the file name, like:

file name: game.exe
game name: RULZD3D Game
description: rulez fps game, using hughe textures, using dx8...

thx :D


description: this is an old d3d 7 benchmark program named 3d mark 2000

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i cant explain what i want... now i feel crazy.... :)


i guess like this?

file name: quake3.exe
game name: Quake III Arena
description: OpenGL based FPS

file name: unrealtournament.exe
game name: Unreal Tournament
description: FPS (D3D/OpenGL/Glide..)

file name: Tomb.exe
game name: Tomb Rider
description: 3PS (software/glide)

file name: Quake2.exe
game name: Quake II
description: FPS (opengl/glide/software)

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yes, yes :):):)

just a like longer description :)