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Started by sevenal, 22 December 2002, 03:18:40

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I have a 3dfx interactive  inc. card, how can i tell which card it is?
it was made in 1999
one large 3dfx chip
8 smaller siemens chips
has a N2544 # on it
a upc sticker with a long line of numbers

has 210-0383-001-A0 on it
if you know this card can you please tell me which card i have?
also if you could point me at the correct driver for WinMe
Thanks   sevenal

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"Get thee behind me Satan"


Post a picture and we'll try helping you :)


If you card have 32 bit resolution is a voodoo 4,

without image is very dificult, try here


i would say a Banshee

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I have a 3dfx card with the num n2544 and 210-0383-001-ad where can i find the drivers?Thank-you all


You both have to post a picture of your card if you want us to help you. we will be able to identify it right a way if we see it.


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Is the Card in your pc ?

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I have a card just like that but i have a heat sink on it so i cant see the chip. i need drivers for it but cant get right ones since dont konw what it is... if i cant get some help on what it is please contact me here, thanks

Here are 2 images of my board. i have more if needed

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look at this page  there are many pictures, so you can easly identify your card.


Looks like a Voodoo 3 3000PCI...

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I confirm , IT IS a voodoo 3 3000 PCI, only the Voodoo 3 3000 has that kind of heatsink and is PCI (and of course, no tv-out)


That ain't the final rev. All finals have tv-out Including pci-s. RAMs are also different.
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This is V3 3000 PCI with SGRAM memory chips. No tv out - maybe it's V3 2000 PCI SGRAM with V3 3000 heatsink. I own V3 2000 PCI SGRAM - it's exactly the same card with 6ns memory but with smaler heatsink (also made of Al and "gray colored" just smaler.)Mine card was made in 2000. Download Amigasport 3.0 XP drivers for XP or 1.07 official drivers (last and the best) if you are win 98,ME user.