Dual Virge board

Started by Jules, 20 April 2005, 12:34:45

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I found this on the dutch partner website from ebay.


It had 2 virgeDX chips on it en support for 4 monitors.

Is it posible to connect 2 outputs with a voodoo2SLI card.

Run a game in glide on 1 monitor and run an other game on Direct3D on the the other monitor :D

i know, not very effective and i think a nooby thought [:I]


In my opionion what you're saying isn't possible. That would require driver modification, plus you can't run in sli. Sli is made for 2 voodoo cards to run together in one Api mode. So if you would like to do it, you would need 2 voodoo 2's, in non sli mode, and a whole new driver. I guess it's never going to work.