Seeking RAVEN

Started by goriath, 05 January 2005, 17:21:05

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Hi at all! I' am italian...sorry for my poor english...

I am searching for Banshee RAVEN from Quantum3D RETAIL package.
Someone sell it?



Don't worry about your english ;)
Well a Q3D Raven Retail, this is a little difficult, you know [:p]
You will be lucky if you can find a Raven with its driver disk.

In-ter-ac-tive :
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Yes, i know very well[:(]... (edmundo do you know anything about?:D)
Thanks for support!
I am still searching know;).....



LOL, you're talking about the one I own?
there has got to be more out there,

gary even has the PCI version Raven Retail box
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