Voodoo2 D3D question

Started by Jules, 28 December 2004, 12:21:07

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First of all, i want to excuse me for my bad english.

Not very long ago i bought 2 voodoo2's yust for fun but i'm impressed of the power of the voodoo2 on SLI. I'm running FV4.6 with WickelGL on a windows 98(lite) station.
Opengl en glide are running perfectly. D3D games are working but only D3D games where i can choose my D3D device.
But other games chose my primaire D3D device by default ( Matrox G200 in my case )
If i Disable the D3D function of my matrox G200 in DXDiag it disables the D3D function of my voodoo cards to [:(!]

What are i am doing wrong or is there a util to fix this ?


sorry about that..there is no fix (maybe a patch for a few of games) now the game developers have almost completely forgotten 3dfx, and in new games, there is no more the window tho choose the matrox or the voodoo2 rendering..primary runs automatically..sad but true.. :-(
i must suggest you to change primary card..a geforce 2 should be a good choose for you hardware (I suppose)
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Can't the util Direct3D 8 to OpenGL Wrapper fix my problem ?

or doesn't over-rule that util the primaire device ?


Je ne sais pas..never tried that program.. but probably
"doesn't over-rule the primary device"..
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3D Cantrol Center ?
(aka 3DCC.exe)

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done some searching in google and i find this:
note however is that the D3D function of voodoo 2 is only available in Win9X but not in 2K/XP
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