Voodoo 5 6000 with Windows Seven ?

Started by voodoo5k6, 01 May 2009, 18:45:58

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How can i work my voodoo 5 6000 on my Operating system Ms Windows Seven build 7100 please ? with sfft 1.5 drivers.
Expain me please...


Obi-Wan Kenobi

Hi :)

Just install the card manually, that goes via device manager :)

The should get you somewhere, as control panel you could give this a shot:

If I haven't added you to my World V6K List, could you tell me what revision you have and what PCB date your card has?
This would be of great honor ;)

there are 6 different 4x1 models:

Rev.A0 0700
Rev.A1 1500
Rev.A2 2600
Rev.A3 3400
Rev.A 3700
Rev.A 3900

The PCB Dates can be found on the rear of your card, the revision on the top as rear side :)
Then I can give you a spot between the rest of the V6K People :D
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