Voodoo 5500 MAC Bios Flasher Utility

Started by ranger822, 12 June 2004, 05:10:44

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Does anyone have or can point me to a source for a flasher utility that will flash a MAC Voodoo5500 PCI card back to MAC after being flashed to PC?  I have the necessar bios, 3dfx MacTools, but MacTools doesn't recognize the card with the PC bios in it so it won't load to allow me to "Upgrade" the bios using the method at http://voodoo.etracer.net



I'm not 100% sure, but IMHO at least the PC Flasher has an Override Feature, that will basically let you flash anything you want.

Did you test the Mac Flasher for advanced Options, to see if an Override Switch possibly exists there as well ?

(you might have to use some Form of Commandline to manually access it, e.g. launch it with a /? or -help Option)
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I'm not a Mac User so carefulness because this is only an idea.
Put your Voodoo 5 in a Mac "behind" an other gfx card pci running without problem in a Mac.
Start on your gfx card pci (not the Voodoo 5).
Your Voodoo 5 will be (perhaps) recognized on its slot pci only like a "display card without name".
Try to start the flashrom for your V5. Perhaps the utility will recognize that the "display card without name" contains a bios for pc and will let you flash it with a Mac rom image.
If that works, you will need probably to reboot in order that changes take effect and remove the other gfx card.

Again carefulness because i don't know the repercussions on your card if the attempt fails.

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