C-3dfx Rampage Drivers Download

Started by Cuneyt_3dfx, 30 April 2004, 10:30:48

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C-3dfx Rampage Driver have new
settings.3D Filter Quality in Automatic,Normal,High,Higher,Highest,Rampage menu.Alpha-Blending ...  
C-3dfx Rampage Drivers download


Some one who knows, how these drivers work??
Are they good og bad drivers, I have never heard about them before!!
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How they work ? They are the last 3dfx drivers with inf. modified.

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They are 3dfx 1.07's all the way glide,ogl,dx November 2000.Not even 1.07b, just few .inf stuff...I'm not even sure if they have any impact on graphics(the NEW .inf stuff) [|)] I mean Automatic,Normal,High,Higher,Highest,Rampage that's stoopid!