voodoo 5 5500 AGP works in asus TUV4X?

Started by raphaelmsx, 20 June 2006, 19:44:25

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I have here these two items, the mobo has an AGP 4X Pro Slot.

When I turn it on, the fans on the voodoo starts, nothing goes on the monitor, and the pc-speaker keep saying that has no video board installed.

The AGP slot is functional, I am using with another video board.

The voodoo was working, but I don´t know in what mobo.

So, my combination of mobo and voodoo 5 agp does work or I have something screwed up?


I read the manual of the mobo, in theory would be ok with an Agp card 1x or 2x.
What's the other gfx card ?

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Just got an Asus P2B-DS mobo (AGP 2X slot), and the 5500 AGP worked fine.