Voodoo2 and DirectX 9.0a

Started by sphinx, 01 August 2003, 17:04:15

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Hello, I was wondering if the Voodoo2 3.02.02 reference driver is also compatable with directx 9.0a too?  Thanks in advance.


I believe that the reference drivers are not so wel compatible with directx8.0 and 9.0a because I had several problems with you better use fastvoodoo and voodoolizer (voodoolizer is compatible with directx9.0a voodoolizer can be found on www.voodoofiles.com fastvoodoo on www.3dfxzone.it
I hope this was an help for you.
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the VoodooLizer's don't support the Voodoo 2 and they don't have a better compatibility with DirX9 than others drivers ...

The reference driver (the 3.02.02) were coded for DirX7 but they work well with DirX8. If you're using an AMD Cpu, you need hacked drivers like the FastVoodoo.

and :
- if a game needs some new DirX feature, the game will be with visual  glitches (if the game wants to start...), so your main gfx will be probably better with D3D and the last games
- OpenGl with the 3dfx drivers is only compliant 1.1
- a Voodoo2 supports only textures 256*256, low resolution and 16 bits colors

About DirX9, i don't know unluckily how the drivers work, so i stay careful

Anyway, a Voodoo2 with games in glide or with games specially coded for the card, will be always perfect

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