Interview of fans or collectores of 3dfx and ex-workers of 3dfx...

Started by kaiser77_1982, 19 August 2018, 19:46:56

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I have writen several articles of 3dfx for the magazine RetroManiac and I would like to interview a collector o fans of 3dfx to complete the article (and maybe compiled them in a book). I have now the interview of Osckhar, NostalgicAslinger. and Kirsten G.

The interview will be several question about the past and future of this graphics, the collector, 3dfx in the web, 3dfx now... we can talk about the things that you want, here is the basic questions:

1.) Who are you (if you agree to tell)?

2.) Which year were you born in (if you agree to tell)?

3.) What was your first contact with 3dfx?

4.) What was the first 3dfx graphics card you got?

5.) Can you tell us what items you have in your collection at the moment?

6.) What is your favorite 3Dfx item?

7.) Are you looking for any items specifically at this time?

8.) Do you have any anecdote?
9.) For how long do you think the 3dfx following will stay alive on the internet?

10.) How do you collect graphics cards?

11.) 3dfx was a company of graphics cards but... is was anything more? I see a strange aura when I read about it.

12.) Do you know more collectors of fans of 3dfx? Where are they from?
13.) How would the world of 3D without 3dfx?

14.) In your opinion, what was the key of the success of 3dfx?

15.) Do you know Quantum3D or other spin-off of 3dfx?
16.) What do you think about Rampage, Fear or Mojo?

17.) What is your opinion about VSA-100?
18.) What In your opinion, what was the biggest mistakes of 3dfx?

19.) What do you think about STB and Gigapixel?
20.) We are done, if you want to say anything, now it is the moment.

You can add question and If you are interesting, reply me or send me a private message.

Thanks for all :D

PS: The interview can be in English or Spanish.
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Hi kaiser77_1982, you're welcome :).

Are there volunteers that want collect the of kaiser77_1982's invitation?

Thanks in advance.

Bye bye


Thanks Glide!!!! In this forum the people looks shy hehehehe

Do you want to join? Thanks!!!
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Hi kaiser77_1982,

why not? :)

You can write me using the "Email Poster" feature of this forum to interact with me about the questions.

Meanwhile, I continue to hope other volunteers come out.

Bye bye


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hi @kaiser77_1982
do you still need people for your article?
I wouldnt call myself a collector, but I do have some old cards.

I just registered here after I found my old videocards :D
They were working when I last ran them on a Sempron cpu.
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Hi edalbkrad

Thanks but I did and published the article:

This month I will launch a kickstarter for the book :)
Thanks anyway!!!
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