Which New Games work with the v6000 and v5500 ??

Started by ElvIsAlive007, 23 September 2003, 20:45:08

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Tribes Vengance will run.Medium qaulity.Speed is good.But works like crap in 800x600 and up.
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Does anybody know if Thief 3 or the new Pirates works with voodoo 5 5500?
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No chance with Thief3, this game needs pixel shaders...
However, Pirates works on Win98 with latest Evolution driver as well as on WinXP with SFFT driver. Expect random exits to desktop though...


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I agree with you; Unreal is the best game I've ever seen/played!
Try Quake 3 Arena with any voodoo cards.;)


i got Farcry to run on my voodoo5 6000 REV 3800

it runs at 200fps in 1280X1024 with 128X FSAA

am using the amigamerlin driver (based on same ****ty drivers as the rest of all the other 3rd party drivers)


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 Man, how can you have played simcity 4 under voodoo????

 i just try it out and just play in software mode with 18FPS, since in hardware mode i just get 3FPS.........

i am using WinXP SP2, Amiga 3.1R6 and SFFT Alpha 28...


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Metal Gear Solid. It's not new but it's worth mentioning. A few years ago there weren't any drivers that'd run the game.


you mean metal gear solid2 I assume? the first game supports voodoo2 and newer officially.


@ Orion
Did you run Metal Gear Solid 2 successfully on a Voodoo card ?
Which driver did you use ?


Pariah (demo) and World of WarCraft work fine @ Voodoo5 with the lastest SFFT drivers. :-) WoW also tested on V3 -- runs!

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Hello all, I'm a real Quake3Arena fan, and what driver would you reccomend me formy 5500AGP for the the best performance in Quake3 Arena, at this time, I'm useing AM3.1.R11, also spotted the SFFT Alpha 30 driver, but the performance chance wasn't noticable.

If anyone has an idea, it would be nice to use.


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WickedGL and nothing else! :D

I've got another new game that works: Dungeon Siege II (demo)! Very nice performance: around 20-30 fps in 1024x768x16 with 2xRGSSAA turned on on a Tbred @ 2,4 GHz. The game is extremely CPU hungry ... more power on this side makes the game run even better! :) Impressive, Voodoo5 ...

Greetings from Germany,
The biggest Voodoo5 6000 test ever: http://3dcenter.de/artikel/voodoo5-6000/