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Started by Glide, 18 February 2004, 12:36:39

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We want get a new target: making possible that people plays with Voodoo2 SLI done by mismatched cards on Windows 2000 and Windows XP environments. We remember that mismatched means that your Voodoo2 SLI does not use boards of same manufacturer: for example one arrives from Creative and one from Diamond.

A beta driver release is ready: grab it here and make a good testing on your system. Then report results about install process, compatibility and performance issues, other  in this topic. You must post all main system specs like cpu, motherboard, Voodoo2 manufacturers and Operative System.

By your feedback we want before put on a stable device driver and then attempt rising with perormances and aiming at these of FastVoodoo2 4.0 XP for identical cards.


Okay, got a this for the old Diamond Monster II cards???   Is it for Windows XP??   I am so stoked that you guys are working on this, if it's true.  I've been trying to get an old system together to run Thief:  The Dark Project, as neither ATI nor Nvdia drivers will let me run the game.  

I'm attempting to install my Monster II in my new system and will try these drivers out.  you guys ROCK!


Yes, this is also for the "old" Monster II and also for XP.
You can d/l the drivers here :
(ps : no support for D3D under Win2k and XP)

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Thief: The Dark Project wont run on a voodoo2 under xp,the game uses d3d (not available under nt/2000/xp)..


black screen on Glide startup with my creative-orchid voodoo 2 system..[:(]

asus a7v333 raid and audio inside and radeon 9100..
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For your system, you can use FastVoodoo2 4.0 XP Gold Edition as well: driver here linked, as I wrote..., is for mismatched SLI Voodoo2. Read also Nightbrd reply.

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I know it, all FastVoodoo2 for XP support GLIde/OpenGL games only.

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Tnx for report.


Amd Athlon 2500+@3200+, 1024 mb ddr 400, Asus A7N8X deluxe(nforce2), Creative and I think reference 3Dfx voodoo2, both 12 mb, running on windows 2000pro.
Main vga card = geforce4 ti4200 from Leadtek (vivo).

Glide works but SLI does not.
So I can still run Unreal in Glide but only at 800x600 max
I'll try swapping the primary card (the one wich has the monitor cable) from creative to the other.

nope, still no SLI
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HELP!!! I need to know where i can get the driver for Orchid righteous 3DFX card to work on windows 2000 professional. Your help would be much appreciated!!!


I currently have a Magic 3D II (3dfx Voodoo 2 12MB) and a STB V2 1000 (3dfx Voodoo 2 12MB) video card. Under Windows 2K/XP is there any way I can pair them up in SLI mode, using mismatched drivers or regular drivers?(FastVoodoo 4.6) Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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i drawed this dll-s to my driver, i relase the driver, but it is not 100% perfect. I noticed some bugs:

-the old 3dfx splash screen apeears
-when initializing glide, may system hang appears. (circa 15%)
-when quiting from a glide game, may system hang appears. (circa 15%)
-may the monitor refresh rates works incorrect, but not in all games.

exept this problems, this files are damn good!

Good work! :)


I get graphic corruption and system hang in Red Baron 3d and Quake II. I've got the cards to work SLI under win98 with a Creative driver and win98 mm SLI fix. cant get Xp to work though....

sys specs:
-AMD Athlon 2600+
-Gigabyte nforce 2 Mboard
-512 mb DDR400
-Geforce 4Ti4200 128mb
-3dfx reference voodoo2 12mb + diamond monster 3d II 12mb
-win XP directx 9.0c + SP2


Success! I finally got it to work! I used Ledgendgrafix voodoomage 2 XP drivers (available somewhere on these boards or through a Google search) and now it runs SLI perfectly. The driver software is in Hungarian and requires some guess work for us non-hungarians, but the driver does work! For those trying to get mismatched voodoo2 SLI to work in Xp, make sure you remove every trace of any other driver before installing these. here's a list of what i did:

-uninstall all voodoo2's in device managler (manager)
-click "View -> Show hidden devices" in device manager, go to "Non Plug-and-Play drivers" and remove anything relating to voodoo 2
-uninstall all voodoo2 driver software (control panels etc)
-run "inf" from a command line and search for and delete any files in the inf directory with voodoo in the name
-also, go through the OEM files in the inf directory (they should be numbered from 0 - 14 or so) and delete any OEM file which relates to voodoo drivers. Also, delete the corrresponding .pnf file (for instance if OEM14 relates to some 3dfx driver, delete both OEM14 and OEM14.pnf
-shutdown and switch off
-remove voodoo2's from computer (physically take them out)
-reboot to XP
-use driver cleaner to remove as much 3dfx "leftovers"  as possible
-search all hard drives for any file with 3dfx in it and delete those
-delete the c:\windows\system32\reinstallbackups folder
--run driver cleaner again
-shutdown Xp and reinstall voodoo2's (physically)
-use new hardware wizard to install the ledgendgrafix drivers

Nautrally I take no responsibility for anything that happens while folowing these steps so backup your system before messing around. I basically used a "scortched earth" policy while removing drivers and it seemed to work.

Good Luck!! :D


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QuoteOriginally posted by big_bird

HELP!!! I need to know where i can get the driver for Orchid righteous 3DFX card to work on windows 2000 professional. Your help would be much appreciated!!!
I'm not sure if these work under Win2K but you can give them a try.

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