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Started by maria73, 31 May 2004, 20:36:07

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I installed PAINKILLER PC game but when I want to run it a message appears: "ERROR: Could not initialize Directx 9 Renderer". I installed Directx 9 the summer 2003 version and another version called directx 9b but still teh game doesn't run.Can anyone help me with step by step instructions?Thank you.
maria liatou



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not wanting to sound goofy but how can i find out what kind of card i have?the only things i know are: my pc is an e-machine,system model is imperial,bios:revision 0.90,processor is intel celleron cpu 1.70ghz,memmory 382ram(got 2 chips total of 384 but it shows only 382ram,dont know why is that),directx 9.0b,page file:418mb used and 183mb available.does this help?noone else on this site i could get any answer to my problem...
maria liatou


I doubt that you cant find the answer on this site. In the past few weeks I explained how the game work to several people.

Here's the link.

The patch that nightbird gave only works for the demo. That is if you have a voodoo 4/5. I guess you have one of those considdering the rest of your computerspecs. Since Amigamerlin still doesnt have a patch for the full version you will have to use 3danalyze. In the link everything is explained. 3danalyze can be downloaded here

good luck ;)

ps. If you have more than 32 mb of video memory its a voodoo 4 or better. If its just 16 mb its a voodoo 3 and than i dont have a solution for your problem.


@ Maria73

To find out what graphic card is in your PC I suggest you download Everest Home Edition, you can find it here :
Under DISPLAY/GPU you can find infos about the display adapter.